Hello my lovelies. I hope you’ve all had an enjoyable weekend. I was such a productive happy stitcher over the weekend. I did everything that was listed on my To-Do List and then some.

My biggest goal was to make the bunting. A task that I’ve been putting off for such a long time. I purchased three long quarters back in December and tucked it away. When I found it last week, I added the task to my To-Do List for the weekend. I did not have a plan of action but knew that I wanted to keep it simple. So, Saturday morning, even before having breakfast or getting dressed, I made a template. My favourite medium for making templates is good old-fashioned cereal box card. I have loads of cereal card because my friends save it for me, only because they know how much of it I use. It all started with a template …..


Once I cut the template I set it aside and got stuck into my morning routine. Once I finished all the boring morning tasks popped back into my sewing room and pressed the fabric. I used my three prints and some calico and another print for the string. I layered the strips, one of print and one of calico, with rights sides together and pressed the fabric. Doing that puts a little static in the fabric and holds it together while you’re sewing.


Then I took my very fancy template and traced it onto the fabric, nesting the shapes together. By nesting the shapes together, you save on fabric and reduce the cutting.


I put a couple of pins in each traced shape and took the whole strip of fabric to the sewing machine.


I used my ¼” sewing machine foot to sew ¼” from the traced lines. I soon worked out the best way to deal with the sewing without twisting the fabric round and round. Once the sewing was done, I took the strip back to the cutting station. I used my rotary cutter to cut all the shapes apart.


I repeated the process with the two other prints. The next part wasn’t so exciting to work on. I clipped the points and turned the shapes right side out and poked the points out using this my favourite poking out tool.


This is a chop stick which I sharpened with a pencil sharpener and then filed the sharp point down a little using an emery board. This is a very useful inexpensive tool.


Once all the pennant shapes were turned out and pressed, I moved onto making the string the joins all said shapes together. For this string, I found some fabric that tones in quite well. Sometimes a project comes together nicely without any pre-planning. The fabric I found happens to be Kaffe Fassett that I’ve had for many years. It just so happens that two of my three prints are more recent Kaffe Fassett!!! This bunting was definitely meant to be.


So, I cut seven strips 2-1/2” wide and joined them all end to end. I pressed the extra long strip in half and then pressed each side in toward the centre. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.



Then I decided which order to sew different prints along the string. When I was happy with the layout I pinned the pennants in place and sewed my little heart out.



There’s probably many ways of piecing bunting but this method worked really well for me. I started and finished all in one day with pretty good results. I suspect that if I didn’t have the short cut tools such as rotary cutting equipment it would have taken longer. I’m really pleased with the result. I pieced twenty-one pennants which I divided into two strings. Here’s a little peek at the one I managed to hang by myself.


And here’s the one I will get help with when my Sarah comes home from her weekend away.


When my adventure into bunting land was finished, I settled down to do some serious work on my Patchwork of the Crosses. While I hand stitched the last of the components, I watched Victoria & Abdul. I love a period drama, especially if Judi Dench is in it. It was a good story but not for everyone.


Sunday morning was spent doing a few chores in the morning and some more POTC work in the afternoon. I started joining the last row of blocks to the main body of the quilt top. Once again, I hand stitched my little heart out. I’m moving forward at a nice pace now. I hope to post a photo of the whole quilt top in the next week or so. English Paper Piecing goes as a slow and measured pace; it’s very relaxing.

I was torn between heading out on an adventure and staying home and having a quiet weekend. In the end I decided to stay home and do some self-care. I’ve come to understand that there are times when it’s important to put ourselves first. The quiet time I spent at home was soothing. The quiet gave me the time I needed to put things into perspective. I’m rebuilding life one day at a time. Next weekend I will be spending time with some like-minded ladies who enjoy quilt making as much as I do. So that will be my well-deserved adventure.

So, that’s my report for this past weekend. Not very exciting but very productive leaving me with a great sense of accomplishment. Until next time,

Let’s all keep stitching

Lucie x

8 thoughts on “MAKING BUNTING

  1. Hi Lucy,
    Well you had a productive week end and I really like the blow by blow instructions, for me anyway. I learned a lot and feel better about doing something simple yet, something that I can apply to another similar project. Making shapes can be easy, thanks! A question, hopefully not too stupid, lol …..when you do the piece work, Lucy, how do you wash the quilt afterwards with the card inside? I know it is probably a stupid question, but…have patience..ha ha.
    Sharp weather here…very sharp wind and blowing snow, wicked. Clear sky, though. Sunny.
    Hearing about your weather coming??? Need a scarf?? ha ha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Joanna, No Question is stupid. I do not leave the cardboard in the shapes. I only use the cardboard template to trace the shape onto the fabric. At the moment the weather is cold but not as cold as what you’re enjoying ha ha. We may be getting some snow tomorrow. The temperature is hovering around 0c at the moment. Just listening to your description of your current weather makes me feel cold. I won’t be needing a scarf as I don’t plan on stepping out tomorrow. Thanks for popping in today x


  2. frayedattheedge

    I love your bunting!! It has reminded me that I have a panel somewhere to cut up t make owl bunting – I must have a hunt for it!! Sounds like you had a very good weekend – I’m looking forward to seeing your POTC!!


    1. Hi Anne, snap! I too have a panel of bunting in beautiful brilliant colours. I wasn’t planning on cutting it up but simply quilting it in a funky way. My POTC is coming along nicely. I’m hoping to get it quilted next week. It’s taking a little longer than I thought to get the plain border on but I think it will be rather splendid when it’s done. So close and yet so far. Thanks for popping in x


  3. Well done! Possibly the way I’d have approached it, though maybe with a triangle ruler, which I have in the same shape as your template. Love the colours. I’ve nearly got my first row of crochet flowers done, (also 21) & hope to start the rows tonight that attach it to the first end. Other than that I managed to machine sew two bindings ready for the handsewing bit. I’ve another waiting on the big machine, but still debating the quilt patterns & with no Digitech to browse , am finding some of the other sites not as well laid out. Enough of my moaning!! Have a great week & take care.


    1. HI Susan, I’m so pleased to hear that your crocheting. It’s something that I don’t do often enough but that I enjoy. It sounds like you’ve been very productive. I find it passes the days and keeps my brain active. Thanks for popping in x


  4. I need to know more about piece work, I thought you sewed around the card to hold the shape, while sewing it..
    Oh well, lots to learn. Thanks for replying, I enjoy our chats. -15 without the wind chill, at that point I don’t even check anymore….good if you are a polar bear lol.
    I really like the Kaffee prints, his work is beautiful and his knitting, needlework, very rich and vibrant.
    So, bless and kisses to Maisie girl.
    Joanna xx


    1. Hi Joanna, the day I don’t learn something will be a very sad day. I’m hoping that by now your weather is a little warmer. We had snow this morning. It was beautiful but it has already melted! Sigh … I quite like the Kaffe Fassett prints too especially for my bunting. Maisie is doing quite well at a the moment. I’m almost afraid to say that in case it all goes wrong again. Thanks for popping in x


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