Hello my lovelies. I hope you’ve all had a super productive day. So far, I’ve had a pretty productive week. Considering it is only Tuesday I think we’re off to a cracking good start.

Last week I mentioned that I treated myself to some new storage. You’ll probably think I’m off my trolley when I show you what I bought to store my current projects and my favourite things …..


I saw this three-tier basket trolley back in the summer and really liked the look of it. I think it looks rather girly. I’m not used to buying girly things for myself because I shared a home with a man for more than two decades. I’m finally getting used to pleasing myself. As you can see I have started loading my pretty trolley with some of my favourite useful things. And I can move my trolley between my sewing room and my living room whenever I feel the need.


I did get a little sewing fix today. Don’t get too excited because it was only 30 minutes worth but I produced something that’s quite handy. I pulled a couple of pieces of scrap fabric from the scrap basket. And pressed it. I found a piece of wadding approximately the same size and inserted it between the two layers of fabric. Using a pencil and a rotary ruler I marked out some guidelines. I did some sewing …..


And produced a few needle keepers. Whenever I go to my monthly sewing sessions there’s always someone declaring “ooooh I lost my needle” … again. Well these little needle keepers are perfect for parking your needle while you’re reaching for your thread and needle threader etc. I’m going to be joining a few like-minded ladies this weekend for a monthly sewing session and I will gift them each one of my simple little needle keepers.


The good news ….. I have finally finished my Patchwork of the Crosses centre blocks. The next step is to add a plain border which I need to psych myself out for. I’m hoping to get that done by the end of the week and then it will be loaded into my longarm system for quilting. In the meantime, I need an armchair project for the evenings while I watch TV. So, I stood in my sewing looking lost and remembered a project which I started about two years ago. I have drawn out the layout but not all the blocks yet. From the file, I found a couple of blocks ready for hand appliquéing. So, I thought I would have a go at that this evening. I love hand appliqué. All those fine hand stitches are soothing. And knowing that it’s a block that comes from my drawing is so satisfying.


Once I decided to work on this block I needed to fine my very fine thread. So, it was another hunting and gathering session to find the thread.  I chose three thread colours that match quite nicely with the patches on my block and so now I’m off on the next UFO. I can draw new blocks during the day, do the prep work and sit quietly appliquéing in the evening. I named this project Moving Forward, One stitch at a Time.


Last week I had showed you my A is for Appliqué blocks which I planned on working on next but I’m still trying to find the fabric collection I need to piece a few more blocks in order to bring the count up to twelve to complete. Besides I can use some of the drawings from my Moving Forward quilt in this A is for Appliqué project.

So, that my report for today. Not very exciting but this is me. Sewing one stitch at a time moving forward quietly. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing some quiet but productive. Until next time,

Let’s all keep stitching

Lucie x


  1. Good day to you Lucy,
    I could see some ecru tones, vintage lace (look alike $$!!) and lace like fabric, going with those A for Applique pieces, ribbons, make it textural for sure. Beautiful buttons. So many wonderful sensations and sentiments going on with them. I, personally, just cannot wait for it to come together. Seriously. I wish I was there to piece it 🙂 ha ha The trolley is logical, pure and simple. If you do hand work outside of a certain space, then what better thing could you have? Great idea!! Why are you having nervousness about adding on the edging to the quilt? Due to all the work invested? Those squares are a good starting point, thank you for the pics.
    Hugs for Maisie,
    Joanna xx


    1. Hi Joanna, I think your idea of using lace like fabric would be nice. It would give it a vintage look. I have some really old lace that was given to me many years. I might try to incorporate that into my A is for Applique blocks. I quite like the vintage look. Who know I might even start a trend. The reason I am nervous about adding a border to the my POTC is that I am afraid to spoil it. I put in so much time in this project so far that I wouldn’t want to spoil it. I’m more confident that adding that final border will frame up all the good work I’ve done. Hopefully if I work hard I will be able to unveil the finished quilt ready to be used next week. Thanks for popping in today x


  2. frayedattheedge

    I love your trolley – and if you decide not to use it for your sewing bits and bobs, you can use it in the kitchen for veggies! A big woohoo for finishing the centre blocks for POTC – I’m looking forward to seeing what you do next. This evening I’ll be working on yet more hexies!!


    1. Hi Anne, my POTC is progressing albeit slowly but I am making progress. It’s coming to life now. I can’t wait to quilt it. The best part of piecing any quilt is hand finishing the binding. I really look forward to binding this quilt. Thanks for popping in today x


  3. Maybe you say it’s not much to report, but you seem to achieve so much in a day amongst all else, so well done you. I must find my “1” A is for applique block and do something with it too.
    Love the trolley. Take care.


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