Hello my lovelies. Well we seem to have made it thru the end of January and the beginning of February. And if you’re reading this you also survived the very rare Blue Moon. I find January and February the hardest months to get thru …. less than four weeks to go. I can already see that the days are getting longer.

It’s been a brilliant day here at happy stitching manor. I’ve been a productive happy stitcher indeed. My washing machine has been whirring away. I’ve answered emails, placed a couple of online orders and once all the boring stuff was done I immersed myself in a little English Paper Piecing …..


This quiet repetitive work nourishes my soul. It’s slow sewing to which you do not see quick results but there was a time when it was my solace.


I flipped the page on my calendar yesterday …..


Isn’t that a great quote? Believe you can and you’re halfway there. I must remember that next time I attempt a new technique that I’m not very confident about.

And here’s another quote that we should all remember when we’re rotary cutting the patches for a new project …..


My Sarah bought and framed this print for me for Christmas. It’s going to look great in my freshly painted sewing room.

I’ve chosen my next new little project. I’m hoping I might be able to start and finish it all in one weekend. These prints were purchased to make simple bunting. I haven’t decided how to approach this task but you can bet that I’m going to keep it as simple as possible. It’s going to look fab hanging in my sewing room. Change is as good as a rest.


It’s been a good week in my little world. It was quiet leaving me plenty of time to catch up on different things that needed doing. It helped keep my stress levels down. I do appreciate weeks that don’t have many disasters to be dealt with. It seems that February is off to a good start. Next week will be busy but hopefully the disaster count will be low again. I’m hoping for a productive weekend so that I can show you some proper sewing progress.

So, that’s my report for this last day of the week. I hope you all have a super-duper weekend doing things you truly enjoy. Until next time,

Let’s all keep stitching

Lucie x


  1. I love your tray’s for doing your EPP. So orderly. Can’t wait to see that project come together. I will be patient as I know those EPP projects are filling many hours ! Love the quotes. Hoping next week is sunny and bright in your little corner of England.


    1. Hi Mary, You’re so right EPP takes a long time to finish. It is finished now and it’s loaded in my longarm awaiting quilting new week. I’m so pleased to be finished. I have to admit that I will miss working on it in the evening but I will soon find something else to work on. Thanks for popping in Mary x

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  2. Hi Lucie,
    The colors are beautiful, wish I knew what it is you are making….
    Have a wonderful weekend, go out into the beautiful English countryside, chase a hare in the woods, have fun!
    Joanna x

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    1. Hi Joanna , I might get out and about this weekend. I’ve spent a lot of time at home this year so far. It might do me good to get out. Have a fab weekend Joanna. I hope the weather is kind to you x


      1. There are not enough scarves in the world, to live here. Could you ever, when you are about, take shots of quilting shops, or exhibitions? Just to get an idea of what is happening? What your shops for supplies are like?
        If you don’t mind, it would be interesting…
        Have a great one, kisses to Maisie girl.xx

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    1. Hi Anne, you’re so right about reducing stress levels by doing a little quiet hand sewing. My POTC was the perfect stress busting project. I might be forced to make another!!! Have a great weekend x


  3. Ooh, love the fabrics for your bunting & look forward to seeing it in place. The first quote is one I should put on my wall, but the second is something I try hard to do anyway. Have a great weekend & take care.


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