Hello my lovelies. I hope you all had a super weekend. The last couple of weeks have been busy in my little world. My diary seems to be filling up more quickly nowadays. There’s always some place to go not to mention the chores and craft tasks on my To-Do List.

I have been pretty busy with designing new blocks and sewing. Here’s a little progress on my current project …..


I sat quietly and sewed all the roofs and doors on my Dresden Neighbourhood blocks over the last few days.


And once the that sewing was done I cut loads of piano keys, well actually, I cut strips and joined them together and then cut sections to form a piano key border. And after doing some more sewing this morning this is what the piano key border looks like now …..


Now this project is really coming together. I sat at the table for several hours today and drew the next blocks. I managed to draw two 12” x 24” blocks!!!! All that’s left to draw is four 12” x 15” blocks to complete the drawings for this project. I am truly enjoying this one. It’s so very different from my other Whimsies.

Quite of few of you will know that my Sarah and I started a journey which we named Operation Taking Flight a few years ago. The Operation was us getting ready for Sarah to fly the nest. It kicked off four years ago when Sarah started taking driving lessons and then subsequently went off to university. Well today I am so pleased to tell you that Sarah received her grades for this, her last year of university. She has graduated with honours. It seems that all the hard work and despite someone’s best efforts to derail Operation Taking Flight, Sarah has smashed it. She’s ready to face the big bad world now.

Last Friday, we had a girl’s road trip. Three us drove down to Sarah’s uni to see all the work displayed in the Degree Show. I must tell you that some of it was a real eye opener. I got Sarah’s permission to take a few photos of her work. So, here’s a little sneaky peek at her display …..

Sarah at Degree Show




I can hardly believe that three years of university has come to an end. There were times when I thought it would never end. Now we really get to start moving forward.

So, I went out into my garden this morning to sweep and prune a few straggling bits of growth. While I was out there I went into the secret part of my garden to see if my roses needed deadheading. No deadheading required just yet but I did cut these beautiful roses to bring inside as there were masses of blooms!!! They smell every bit as good as they look.


It’s been a good productive day at happy stitching manor. My little visit to the secret garden yielded some beautiful blooms and my short session in my sewing room produced some good progress on my new project. And my quiet time using pencils, rulers and templates produced some great drawings for the next step in said project. Being creative is my favourite thing to be doing.

So, I guess that’s my report for today. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing something you truly love to do. Until next time,

Let’s on keep on stitching.

Lucie x

14 thoughts on “BLOOMING GRADES

  1. Well. Where to start.
    Look at you, Sarah. Congratulations and all best wishes in the world for a future bright, and successful and make your mark. Leave a trail for others to follow. Lucie, can’t imagine how proud you have to be. Good parenting.
    On wards and up wards with the new blocks. Looking great.
    I can smell the roses all the way over here! What is the name? Just lovely.
    So, Maisie? What are you doing?
    Take care and keep going everybody.
    Joanna x


    1. Hi Joanna, I was quite sure Sarah would do well but it’s brilliant to see it in black and white. Our Maisie cheers us on by being the best companion any dog or husband can be. Thanks for popping in today x


  2. Val

    Many congratulations Sarah, your hard work has paid off and your display looks amazing! Every good wish for what will follow. And many congratulations to you Lucie for being such a great support to Sarah. Despite everything, you’ve both achieved so much. Keep smelling those gorgeous roses!!


  3. Wow to both of you & a big congratulations to Sarah. Talk about two very talented ladies!!!! Your new Whimsy project is shaping up beautifully & I think I may be a little green with envy of you both, as having no artistic flair, makes me wish I did. Anything in mind for some mother/daughter collaboration? Have a good week & take care.


    1. Hi Susan, it’s a very exciting time. It seems to have taken such a long time to get here and we have hit so many bumps in the road but we made it. Sarah and I work together all the time by bouncing ideas around. I like the word flair !!! I think it’s one I should use more often. I don’t think you have anything to be envious about, we all do something well. You’re no exception to that rule. I for one am so pleased we don’t all do the same thing well. Wouldn’t it be boring !!! Thanks for popping in today x


  4. frayedattheedge

    Well done Sarah!! She obviously takes after you …… clever and creative!!
    I love your Dresden blocks – I may have to add something similar to my (very long) to-do list! Hopefully we can co-ordinate our diaries and meet soon for lunch.
    Anne xx


  5. Sheila.

    Well Done Sarah!
    You are very talented as can be seen by your display.
    Wishing you every success for a bright and happy future.
    Lucie kudos to you for doing a great job.


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