Hello my lovelies. I hope you’ve all had an enjoyable day. We’re still in Easter holiday mode here in my little corner of the northeast of England. The sun has nowhere to be seen today. My Sarah disappeared into her art studio and I disappeared into my sewing room. My latest obsession is progressing nicely. I have now machine quilted all four sections of my charity quilt. Here’s a little peek at the sections waiting to be joined together.


It’s a long time since I sat for several hours at my sewing machine to stitch until I couldn’t stitch anymore. Even when I piece a quilt nowadays I do an hour or so at a time and carry on tomorrow. I’m sort of fixated on this current project because although I don’t usually struggle with quilting full-size quilts, I am trying to work out how to quilt sections of a quilt and then join it together neatly in a way that’s not obvious. This way my fellow charity volunteer worker bees might benefit from my experimentation. I’m sure plenty of other quilt makers have worked out how to do what I’m doing but I need to do it myself in order to be able to explain to someone else. It’s good to challenge your brain now and again.

In between household chores and my latest sewing obsession I unwind with hexagons. I am making progress albeit slow progress. At the rate I’m going now, I may finish this hexie quilt sometime in 2020!!! Considering that I only work on it in my armchair in the evening, when I don’t fall asleep in front of the television, I’m probably progressing nicely. Hexagons have been my go-to project for many years.



While messing around in my sewing room a couple of days ago, I found a few bits of fabric that I had given up finding. A while back I posted about some appliqué which I pieced as part of a challenge years ago. Well it turns out that I’m a couple of blocks short and I was determined to use fabric from the collection I had used to piece the first nine blocks. Now that I have found the fabrics I can get on with the task of piecing the last three blocks making a total of twelve. I have no plan of action for how to join all the blocks. I suppose if I just join them in the tradition way with sashing and such, that will do the trick. I’ll be glad to finally see this project finished and ready to use. I have a few bits of vintage lace which I can use to embellish but if I had some mother of pearl buttons to add the effect would be even better. So, if anyone out there has a few mother of pearl buttons to spare or knows where I could purchase a few I would appreciate it. I don’t have time to quilt it by hand but I’m sure a little simple machine quilting would do the trick. I’m determined to finish as many UFOs as I can this year.



So, I guess that’s my report for today. I may not be posting tomorrow because I have an appointment in the morning and an errand with Sarah in the afternoon. So there probably won’t be any sewing progress to report in any case. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing something relaxing. Until you next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching.

Lucie x


    1. Hi Sandra, I need to get all my UFOs finished. It’s a great way of moving forward and making a new start of things that I haven’t done before. I find my style has changed quite a bit over the last couple of years. Let’s hope I can bridge the gap and make the A is for Applique blocks look good and interesting. Thanks for popping in today x


    1. Hi,

      Your hexies aren’t a race. As long as you’re enjoying the work it doesn’t matter how long it takes to complete. My hexies are 3/4″ sides. That’s a good size for me but anything smaller is definitely out of my comfort zones. Take your time and enjoy the journey. Thanks for popping in today x


  1. Hi Lucie, how are you today? I love this newest baby of yours. One of your ladies said about the simplicity of the stitching etc, with the pattern, for want of perhaps repeating myself (sorry), totally agree. Isn’t this fun?? You get to really see the material. Am loving this combination, and this is what I will do to begin with. I do not have a long arm , anyway. Sooo….would this be the “my quilt”, ha ha…I am patiently waiting for? If I could, I would send you buttons, but I doubt the quilt could wait that long, ha ha ha…and lace, bits of what ever’s,,a story board. I hope this is the “my quilt”, as I can’t wait!!!!!
    Have a great day, a great journey.
    ps did you check out the patterns?


    1. Hi Joanna, Yes I did check out those patterns. And I agree they do like meeeee. I suppose my style isn’t exclusive to me. Also the fabric I found is for “your quilt”. I just hope you like it when I’m done. I started “your quilt” years ago and my style has definitely changed since I became a single parent. My drawings/designs are a bit more simple with cleaner lines. I hope the old style mixes with the new style. Only time will tell. And yes agree this might be a story board. A blend of old and new. I will be adding a few blocks from drawings I’ve done in recent times. I look forward to seeing what happens when it’s all joined up. Thanks for popping in x


      1. That’s what life is going to be now, a mix of the old and new, with time..less of the old and more and more of the new you. Proud of you and your work, there is nothing in life that is exclusive, but that is the history of how change comes around and things are added on, moving on in many ways. Courage, dear heart.
        (can’t wait, hee hee)

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  2. Well done on the large scrappy & I’m sure you’ll be able to tackle, then explain the sashing put together. Your hexis are always amazingly neat, (mine are c…) but then my go to of an evening is usually crochet or knitting. I always seem to be on a mission with UFOs, WIPs or PHDs & do get some finished, then they star all over again. (lol). Enjoy the rest of the week & we’ll hear from you when you’re not so busy. Take care.


    1. Hi Susan, isn’t it amazing that we all have something different as a go-to project. As for UFOs, if think there a lot of members in that club. I’m determined to finish the old and make a fresh start with my new style which keeps creeping out when I squeeze in something new in between the UOs. I must admit that being creative nowadays is much easier because I have more time in which to do it. Thanks for popping in x


  3. Hi Lucie. Amazon, motherof pearl buttons brought out two different offers of 100 buttons for £1 each, if that’s any good for you. I was looking for George Cookemother of pearl manufacturer in Birmingham, but couldn’t find him. He used to be the only uk importer of thecorrect shells to make various m.o.p. Goods


    1. Hi Joanna, Yes I’m fine. I did mention in my last post that I would be out all day yesterday and would have no sewing progress. That’s why I didn’t post. Thanks for your concern x


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