Hello my lovelies. I hope you’ve all enjoyed a lovely sunny spring day. After two or three days of dark dreary and wet days the sun was ever so welcome. I didn’t post yesterday because I was out all day and did not have any sewing news to post about. However, with the sun shining so brightly it put me in the mood to motor thru a couple of jobs. So, let’s catch up.

The first thing I did this morning is this …..


And this …..


And then I put it all together to produce this …..


This simple Dresden Plate block is to add to the nine other blocks of my A is for Appliqué project which I started many years ago. So, I have a total of ten blocks now, only two more to piece. I’m moving forward on this one Joanna.

After emptying the dishwasher and walking the dog I went right into work mode. I disappeared into my sewing room and started to join the four sections of my latest obsession together. I joined the different ready quilted section together using 1-1/4” sashing strips for the top and 2” strips for the back. For those who may not know the sashing strips are the strips that join blocks or section together. In this case, I pieced my sashing using short scraps in hopes that the top sashing would blend in with the blocks. I’m quite happy with the result. I’m hoping that my fellow Belles help me refine the whole method of this type of Quilt as You Go technique. My quilt is not perfect but it’s good enough to bring comfort where needed.





My current task is to hand stitch the open side of the sashing down. Followed by hand finishing the binding and the label. I have really enjoyed this project and I’m sure to use this method over and over again. I really like the straight-line quilting. I like the vintage feel it gives the quilt. Besides it makes a nice change from the scrolly curvaceous designs I stitch using my longarm. I think this type of quilting would suit those quilts that we snuggle under in the dead of winter in front of the fire. You know those quilts that have every kind of scrap fabric we can put our hands on at the time of piecing. Those are the quilts that take me back to times long gone because the scraps are ages old and I can remember exactly what project I bought the fabric for.

It’s been a lovely quiet day. Apart from walking my Maisie I haven’t ventured out which I must admit was a relief as I was out all day yesterday attending appointments and running errands. We’re still on Easter Holiday here. My Sarah won’t be going back to university for another week or so. We’ve both spent the day working our way thru our To-Do List. Personally, I have added more jobs to the list than I have actually completed!!!

So, I guess that’s my report for today. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing something you truly enjoy. Until next time,

Lets all keep on stitching.

Lucie x

8 thoughts on “A QUICK CATCH UP

  1. sandra

    Hi Lucie, I’m so happy to see the A is for Appliqué block, I need to get mine back out of storage and finish the fabric journal….I love the dresden plate block, one of my favorite’s.
    It’s been lovely to see the sun today xx


    1. Hi Sandra, a fabric art journal is such a good idea. I suppose it can be in any format, book, wall hanging, framed pictures. I would like a wall of framed art journal pages. Thanks for popping with a daily dose of inspiration x


  2. frayedattheedge

    The quilt has turned out well – I like your use of scrappy sahing to blend in with the blocks. It was such a lovely day we abandoned our chores and went for a long walk on the beach at Alnmouth this afternoon.


  3. Busy, busy girl, which isn’t unusual with you. The scrappy one looks smashing & will be well appreciated by someone to snuggle under. It’s a cuddly type quilt to be used & not a showpiece. I looked at my one & only A is applique block about a month ago & decided to use it as the centre for a quilt which I’ll design soon. I did a couple of drawings for the next few, but never made them. Look forward to seeing what you do. Take care.


  4. Well,folks, sorry to burst your bubbles, but we had ice/snow last night, and if that was not enough…pelting, and I mean pelting rain, then to dry it all up, gusting winds that whipped things down the road. It was garbage pick up night, LOL. Today, it was -12 and windy. But, hey, the sun was out…eh. I love the quilt, I don’t know where you say it is not perfect, but it really is lovely. I like the puffier spaces, feels like a “real” quilt. Can you make them puffier? This is a very very pretty quilt. I know you are getting on with my quilt, and I am anxious to see it finished. Make it what it is supposed to be to you, now. A story board, the art journals, very important things. Sarah must have made art journals. Sorry I write so much more than others.
    March on, Lucie !!! Hugs to Maisie.


    1. Hi Joanna, yes you can make a quilt puffer by using a puffer wadding. I’m really happy with the finished result if my quilt as you go charity quilt. I’m hoping to adapt to suit all skill levels. Thanks for popping. I hope your weather turns more spring-like soon. Hadsn’t winter gone on fir such a long time !!!


  5. Thanks for the quilt as you go “wrap up”. I’ve never done it, and am perplexed at the joining of the sections. This does make sense now. Glad you had a bit of sunshine for a day! We are all over the weather map it seams in Delaware, USA~~!!~~ Wishing I didn’t have to keep the furnace running, but it will be on for a few more nights! Your applique project is getting so very close to finished! Like hexi’s, the hand stitching projects take their own schedule!

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