Hello my lovelies from a very snowy northeast of England. We’ve had everything from snow blizzard to lightning today!!! I am so glad that today is the last day of February. And for meteorological purposes tomorrow is the first day of spring. You just have to laugh because this is the view from my sewing room window today …..


And here is Sarah and Maisie heading off for a little walk earlier today …..


I was so glad to have my Sarah home today rather than driving to uni for studio sessions. I will admit that we did hit our local supermarket to top up on a few provisions but the shop was less than half a mile away and on main roads. So now we have enough food for a few days. The shelves in the supermarket were looking a little sparse but only because the deliveries haven’t been getting thru. Can you believe there were no fresh whole carrots!!! And I needed carrots to make my chicken noodle and veg soup. I managed to find some ready cut fresh carrot sticks which will do the job just as well.

When I wasn’t looking out the window at the snow falling, I disappeared into my sewing room to machine the binding onto my Dresden quilt. While machining the binding I also added a hanging pocket …..


I’ll start handing finishing the binding onto the back when my soup is simmering. I haven’t even made up my label yet but that’s easy enough as I keep my labels pretty simple and straight forward. This cold wintry weather is giving me an appetite for knitting. I think I may cast on a few stitches on three needles to make some socks. I bought some colourful yarn for another pair of slouchy socks …..


My little corner of the northeast of England sure is a wintry looking place today. I quite often long for snow but that’s because I grew up with lots of winter snow. I was born in the cold wilds of Canada. When I stepped out this morning to hit the supermarket I found myself feeling quite anxious to be driving in such bad weather. I had a little chat with myself and remembered that I used to drive in this weather all the time to get to work in the good old days. Nowadays I’m quite happy to be able to pick and choose whether to go out or stay in during this kind of weather. Sarah, Maisie and I spent the afternoon watching shows on Netflix. I was in very good company. We drank hot chocolate and toasted sourdough bread with various toppings added while watching people on foot rush by trying to get out of the bitter wind. It was a lovely relaxing afternoon. I’m afraid we may have to repeat it again tomorrow.

So that’s my report for today. I have thoroughly enjoyed my self-imposed lock-in. I hope you all have a super cosy evening save in the knowledge that your loved ones are safe and warm tonight. Until next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching

Lucie x


  1. frayedattheedge

    We have had a LOT of snow today, so we have been happy to stay indoors and keep warm. Homemade soup for lunch and pot-roasted brisket for dinner …… good rib-sticking comfort food!!


    1. Hi Anne, what a day. I’ve never known the snow to blow so much since I moved to this house sixteen years ago! Good home cooked comfort food perfect this time of year. I’m hoping that this stormy weather will come to an end soon. Thanks for popping in today x


  2. Seems like the Beast from the East is dropping both snow & temps. I looked at the chart for Leeds & it said -7 & felt like -16,. Brrrrrrr!!! That’s cold. Our lowest here in Warragul has been -5 & that is enough, even though I’m not a fan of hot weather, when it is in the high 30-40deg range. Hope the girls didn’t come back with frost bite. Maybe some woolly socks for Maisie.(giggle). Stay warm & take care.


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