Hello my lovelies. I hope you’ve all had a brilliant day. We’re still having a stormy time in the northeast of England. The weatherman has informed me that this stormy weather is coming from Siberia. It seems there’s no end in sight for the Beast from the East. This self-imposed lock-in is dragging on a bit for me. So, I decided this morning that I wanted to have a little fun today. I probably should have done some baking or some washing but I really wanted to have some fun. So, I kicked off a new small project. I cannot take credit for this idea. It’s something I have seen everywhere but my first view was on Pinterest.

It seems that the wonderful Dresden Plate is one of my main blocks at the moment. So what better project to start on this very stormy day. I found a Dresden Blade template and traced and cut out 24 blades of various fabric scrap prints …..


Then I trimmed approximately half of the blades to various lengths and joined them together …..


What could be simpler than joining a couple of dozen Dresden Blades and already they’re looking pretty good but I’m not leaving them like that. No sirree bub, I’m going to add a little interest to this Dresden Plate. I hunted out my template bucket ……


And my Freezer Paper, favourite lucky pencil and paper scissors …..


I studied and measured. Traced and cut out. Adapted some shapes and cut out to my heart’s delight. This is what I ended up with ……


Now all I have to do is iron the Freezer Paper shapes onto contrasting or co-ordinating fabrics. These little shapes are roofs. I will also be adding windows and perhaps doors and of course a centre circle to cover the hole.

Has anyone else made one of these Dresden Neighbourhood Blocks? I’m thoroughly enjoying this project. The best part is I have so far only used scraps of fabric. I’m hoping I can piece the background in neutral scraps as well. I think once this project is finished I will add some simple quilting and use it as a door banner. What fun.

Here’s a progress photo of my Dresden quilt. I have finally finished the binding. I plan of making the label either later this evening or sometime tomorrow morning. I’m so pleased that this project is now complete and ready to either hang or snuggle under.



It’s been another blowy snowy day. I’m suffering from cabin fever. I don’t tend to go out all that much but because the roads are dangerous I’m staying home which makes me want to go out!!!

I guess that’s my report for today. I hope you’ve all enjoyed the first day of March. You know what they say about March … in like a lion out like a lamb. I sure hope it works out that way. Until next time,

Let’s on keep on stitching.

Lucie x

13 thoughts on “IN LIKE A LION OUT LIKE A LAMB?

  1. Well,
    HAPPY ST DAVID’ S DAY TO YOU ALL. I doubt the daffodils are blooming in your neck of the wood LOL. I was born in Llanrwst and am proud of my blood.
    Today, we are a lamb, which means….it is going to be baaaaaddd (sorry) ha ha towards the end of this month, no doubt.
    The quilt is lovely, Lucie, I like the variation on the Dresden. A lap quilt? Maisie would love it, surely.
    So, keep warm, lots of hot tea and I will be waiting for my turn soon enough.
    Be careful everyone, dear readers and Lucie.
    Joanna xx


    1. Hi Joanna, I had no idea you were Welsh. I thought you were Canadian from Montreal.
      As I understand it your snow is melting and the temp is quite good today. I’ve had plenty of hot drinks and some chocolate today. I enjoyed my little play in the sewing room. It looks like I may be repeating this again tomorrow.
      Thanks for popping in today x


      1. Yes, I was born there and my family immigrated in the 50’s, so I have been back several times, but Montreal is where I grew up largely and have stayed. So, I chose to stay here, Bonjour Montrealais!!!!
        Good for you to be working with your hands, the time passes quickly, yes? How is Sarah coming along with her work? She has your talent for design and color, lucky girl!
        Cheers, Joanna xx

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  2. frayedattheedge

    We are still snowed in, with more snow falling through the day. I love your Dresden Plate Neighbourhood Block – I haven’t seen that one before. Stay safe and warm.


    1. It’s still snowing here too. Mind you it doesn’t seem to be accumulating much. I hate to think what’s going to happen when it starts melting!@!
      I’m quite pleased with my Dresden Neighbourhood. Notice I chose something easy to work on! Thanks for popping in Anne x


  3. Now that is interesting for a dresden & I’m trying to think if I’ve maybe seen one somewhere, but hey, great idea. I love the other quilt so much, I’m thinking of finding the dresden ruler I got with LPQ some time last year & make something along those lines. Seems like everyone is getting this snowy start to March throughout UK & Europe, so take care, stay warm & enjoy the sewing time. xx


    1. Hi Susan, you should have a go at piecing one of these blocks. It’s a great way to use up little scrapsnof fabric. Instead of doing fine hand applique for roofs and doors and windows you can doraw edge machine applique. Have a new adventure and have fun building your own neighbourhood.
      I must admit as much as in love snow, I am getting a little stir crazy now. We did venture out for a few essentials and it was great togentout for an hour. We even popped in to Costa for a coffee. The place was packed and thr salted caramel muffins were fresh. Nowmit’s time to get back to making roofs and doors. Oh happy days. Thanks for popping in today x


  4. allisonreidnem

    The quilt is gorgeous – it must have been lovely and cosy draped across your lap as stitched down the binding. I haven’t seen that dresdon neighbourhood block before – a bit like a panorama taken through a fisheye lens (fish again 😁). Stay safe whatever the stir-crazy voice in your head suggests!


    1. Hi Allison, binding is always the best part of piecing a quilt. And I was nice and cosy while hand finishing the binding. I knowmtherenare ways of machining the binding both front and back but i love the feel of a finished quilt in my lap whole hand finishing the binding. My Dresden Neighbourhood looks nothing like my neighbourhood but I think it’s fun to build my own from scratch. Thanks for popping in today Allison x

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    1. Hi Mary, And its still snowing. Luckily it’s not accumulating too much. Sarah and I ventured out for provisions this morning. The highway maintenance crews are out in full force. We stuck to the main roads. Now we’re stocked up for the weekend. I thimk you’ve got the right idea retiring to your basement to do some sewing. Enjoy every quiet minute of it. Thanks for popping in Mary x


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