Hello my lovelies. I hope you’re all enjoying the fresh autumn days. During my walk with Maisie in the mornings over the last couple of weeks, I crunched leaves under my feet and found one or two white feathers confirming that I’m on the right path to happiness.
So, let’s see. What have I been up to lately? Well I have been knitting up a little storm …..

This piece is going to be turned into a pullover or possibly a cardigan. I haven’t decided yet. Once I finish knitting up the back, I will make up my mind.

I have been attempting to work on a traditional patchwork technique called Cathedral Windows …..

I plan on turning this piece into a cushion. I dragged out a few red fabrics from my stash and cut them up and sewed them back together in a different order and so far, the piece looks like this. For this technique I used my sewing machine to piece the beginnings and now I’m adding the finishing touches by hand. I really do enjoy hand sewing. This is the perfect armchair project while watching some mindless TV shows. I will show you the finished project eventually. It might make a nice Christmas gift once it’s finished.

A few weeks back I pieced and machine quilted a quilt for a special occasion. I only showed you a small area of the quilt at the time. The quilt was a wedding present for a special couple. Well here is a better view of the quilt. I completely forgot to take a photo of the whole quilt before wrapping and gifting it. I received a message from the lovely Sheila asking if I could post a better view of the finished quilt, so I hope this does the trick.

With winter just around the corner not to mention Christmas in only 72 sleeps and we can expect short daylight hours and very dark nights, it’s important to find lots of things to add to our To-Do List to keep us busy indoors during the winter weather. Well I have a suggestion for all my readers who live in my neck of the woods. You may or may not know that the Knitting & Stitching Show event is taking place in Harrogate between November 28th and December 1st at the Harrogate Convention Centre. And the good folks who run and promote the event have offered me 5 pairs of tickets with which to run a free ticket giveaway. So, ladies and germs, here’s your opportunity to have a grand day out at a crafty show. To be in with a chance to win a pair of free tickets just post a comment. In the comment please tell me what your favourite craft is and in what county of England you live. Unfortunately, since the Knitting & Stitching Show is held here in the northeast of England, I will only enter the names of those who live in England. I shall be pulling the winners on October 27th and announcing the winners soon after. Good luck to everyone who is brave enough to enter my giveaway. If you’re wondering how to  comment, just scroll up to the title of the post and click on it and then scroll down to the bottom on the post and you’ll see the comment box. For more info about the show click on the picture below to be taken to the website.

So, my friends, I guess that’s my news for this weekend. I hope you’ve all been enjoying this glorious autumn. I look forward to seeing a few more pumpkins around over the next few weeks. And I’m going to carry on crunching thru the fallen leaves underfoot. I’m going to carry on adding events to my To-Do List to keep me busy thru the winter months. It’s important to always have something to look forward to especially during the dark cold months. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing something you truly enjoy doing. Until next time,
Let’s all keep on stitching because one quilting stitch at a time, life gets better and better.
Lucie x


21 thoughts on “AUTUMN AND WINTER TO-DOs

    1. Hi Jayne, You’re a girl after my own heart. My favourite craft is quilt making as well. I have entered you into the ticket draw. Good luck and thanks for popping in today


  1. carolineoannie

    Hi Lucie. So pleased to hear your latest news. Harrogate too far for me, but a lovely comp for others. Keep crunching the fallen leaves, and take care of Maisie. Monica


    1. Hi Monica, it’s lo elys to hear from you. I hope you’re well and in good spirits. Maisie is getting ancient, she’s 13+ years old now but she’s still chief supervisor in my sewing room. Thanks for popping in today x


  2. Chris

    Quilting, knitting, crochet and cross stitch take equal place for me – it depends on my mood.
    Please enter me for the draw.
    Love to Maisie


    1. Hi Chris, I’m glad to hear that you keep pretty busy and productive with all your crafts. Busy hands and all that. I have entered you in the ticket giveaway. Good luck and thanks for popping in x


  3. Valerie

    Hi Lucie, I am in North Yorkshire and would love to go to the Knitting and Stitching show. At the moment I am working on appliquéd quilted wall hangings


  4. Hi Lucie,
    I am trying to post finally!
    I sent you a message so this is to say,
    GOOD LUCK!!! to all the people wanting to go, as I live in
    Montreal, Lucie will not let me go…LOL
    Maisie, have fun in the leaves !! xxx


    1. Hi Joanna, it’s a shame Montreal is so far. I am sure you would enjoy the Knitting & Stitching Show. It’s very kind of you to wish every good luck with the giveaway draw. Thanks for popping in x


  5. Heather smith

    Hi Lucie,
    My favourite craft for the past few years since you inspired me with my first quilt is most definitely quilting. I do however enjoy trying other new crafts and picked up a new craft kit at the Alwinton show on Saturday gone. I particularly like hand quilting and find it so relaxing and allows your mind to wander. I would love to be entered in your prize draw and live in Morpeth Northumberland.


    1. Hi Heather, I am sooo pleased that somehow I inspired you. Old timers like me have a duty to inspire young ones to make quilts otherwise the lovely quiet art of quilt making will die out and that would be an absolute shame. I have entered you in the ticket giveaway. Good luck and thanks for popping in this evening x


  6. annieburch46

    Hi Lucie, it was lovely to read your message , as ever. Keep on looking for the white feathers. I would like to enter my name into the draw for the show at Harrogate. Happy stitching xx


  7. Sheila.

    Hi Lucie,
    Thank you for showing another photo of the quilt. The quilting is gorgeous.
    I love the soon to be decided cardi/pullover you’ve started knitting.
    The colour is beautiful.
    Lucie isn’t it a pleasure to be able to take something that looks like a ball of string
    and create something beautiful and useful.
    Okay, stupid question but I have to ask how do you put the inserts into the cathedral block?
    I can’t enter the draw (bummer lol)


    1. Hi Sheila, I agree that it’s a pleasure to take a ball of yarn and turn it into something beautiful as well as useful. As for thr inserts in the cathedral window, just think of it as origami. You lay the inserts and fold the background over each side of the insert. Cathedral Window technique looks rather difficult but of you deal,with it in bite size chunks its really pretty simple and produces a great looking piece of work. Thanks for popping in and taking an interest in my work xx


  8. Luv luv luv the Cathedral Windows piece…..the colors are gorgeous! I haven’t really knit anything since my two boys were small (lots of sweaters with puppies, ponies, etc). Sounds like you’ve been stitching up a storm. These are busy days here (S.E. Minnesota) with quilt events being held everywhere and the end of summer yard & garden clean-up tasks.


    1. Hi Doreen,
      Thank you for your kind words. I agree this is a busy time of year putting everything to bed before the winter arrives. I love the seeing my garden all tidy in anticipation for what’s to come in the spring. Thanks for popping in and taking an interest in my work x


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