Hello my lovelies. I hope you’re all having a great Thursday. Even though we’re well into the new year now I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very healthy and prosperous 2019.

I’m back!!!!! I have been suffering from a chest infection since the beginning of the year. We all know that this is the time of year where all the germs are being passed around in closed quarters and producing epidemics. It seems I’m not the only one suffering. So, slowly but surely, I am rising from the ashes.

As you can imagine, I haven’t been doing much sewing; until today that is. My Sarah finished piecing and machine quilting a charity quilt a few days ago and I begged her to let me hand finish the binding on said quilt. What better way to kick off my new year sewing than finishing a charity quilt! I machined the binding onto the front side of the quilt …..


And folded the binding to the back and hand finished it …..


This quilt is one that Sarah pieced using orphaned blocks and various scraps. The photos don’t really do it justice. I begged Sarah to keep the quilt for us but to be honest we do have plenty of quilts which I made over the years not to mention the few UFOs which I haven’t finished yet. Quilts for Comfort will do this quilt justice. Here are a few photos to give you an idea of what the quilt looks like finished. I love the straight stitch quilting. It gives the quilt a vintage look which and really suits the scrap fabric. Less really is more.




Now that I have done that little bit of sewing, I am energised and inspired to carry on working on my hexagon quilt. These are the latest diamond shapes I pieced recently …..


It’s been a quiet old year so far. I’m hoping to liven it up over the coming weeks. I have a few social engagements booked over the next few weeks. And I’m hoping to catch up with the task of painting and papering my hallway soon. I don’t make new year resolutions anymore. I just  compose To-Do Lists which I tick off as and when the jobs are done. I’m still on track to learn new techniques which will give my creative pieces a wonky naïve spin. I have my first project doodled out and some fabric pulled from my stash and scrap bin in readiness to get started. I took my sewing machine for it’s first spin of the year today and it’s working quite nicely. So now I need to gather my courage and get on with it.

I stepped out this morning to restock the fridge and cupboards. When we came out of the supermarket it was snowing. We ended up with a lovely dusting which needed to be brushed off the car. And because I live in the UK now but I will always be a Canadian at heart the snow made me so happy. I truly enjoyed the short ride home. And once we got home, I made sure to sit by the biggest window so I could watch the snow gently hit the ground.

It’s been a lovely day in my little world. I find that I appreciate life so much more nowadays. I have time to sit and actually see what’s going on around me. I don’t miss the drama and I’m amazed how lovely it is not walking on eggshells anymore.

So, I guess that’s my first report of the year. I hope to post soon with some news about my wonky new (to me) techniques. My stash is just crying out to be used and replaced with more modern fabrics. It’s time I got weird and wonky. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing something you truly love doing. Slow down and enjoy life. Until next time,

Let’s keep on stitching.

Lucie x


  1. Hi Lucie! I am glad to hear you are over the sickness that is going around. It’s so easy to pick up and yet hard to get rid of. Having your energy and mojo back is a great thing! This quilt turned out lovely, and someone will find great comfort in receiving it. They feel all the love that was sewn into it, especially that binding. I enjoy hand sewing down a binding, too. Happy Thursday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Hi Roseanne. Thanks for popping in today. My mojo is coming back little by little. I’m starting to look forward to spring now that the days are getting longer. I sure enjoyed watching the snow while I was hand finishing the binding on Sarah’s charity quilt. Pop in again soon x

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  2. Hi Lucie and Sarah,
    Firstly, Sarah? That is one smashing quilt, girl! Beeeuuutiful. Good job there. I love it and so will someone else, I am happy that your are following in your mum’s footsteps.
    Lucie, dear heart, welcome back, happy new year and good health.
    The word wonky..what the heck is wonky??? hey there…creative..not that is nice.
    It is nice to see you up on line again.
    Bless you all, Maisie girl, and good health.
    Joanna and my little beasty, Basile.xxxxx


    1. Hi Velda, It’s lovely to hear from a fellow Canadian. You may recall that I was born and bred in Montreal and subsequently moved to the UK some 25 years ago. The snow here only causes chaos but I love watching it anyway. My Sarah is already working on a new charity quilt for Quilts for Comfort. She’s doing so well using up scraps and orphan blocks to turn them into lovely scrappy quilts. I may take a leaf out of her book and do the same. We all have scraps that are screaming to be used up. Thanks for popping into x


  3. Well done Sarah, that quilt is lovely & a good use of orphan blocks and scraps. Hope you are feeling better Lucie and look forward to seeing your ‘wonky’ ideas. I’m also hoping to use a lot of my stash this year & for the most part, my own designs, & also finishing some UFO’s (mainly flimsies).
    Take care.


    1. Hi Susan, Sarah has already started working on another charity since finishing this one. As for my wonky creations, well they’re still in the planning stage and as you say using up my stash is a priority when it comes to my wonky projects. Said projects will be hung and displayed in my hallway once it’s been redecorated. Although I don’t set resolutions, I’m going to try to achieve all the “goals” on my To-Do List by the end of the year. Thanks for popping in today. I hope you’re well and in good spirits x


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