Hello my lovelies. I hope you’re all enjoying our beautiful summery days. It was so nice yesterday that we had the barbeque going to cook our evening meal. Oh man what a lovely day it was.

Yesterday was quite an exciting day. It was our step out to collect our click & collect grocery shopping day. It took us a few weeks to be able to get a collection slot but I persevered and we got there in the end. Now I don’t have to hit the supermarket at all. I must admit that I feel safer and more relaxed knowing that I don’t have to set foot in a supermarket. I do miss clothes shopping. It just goes to show you how we can learn to adapt to situation beyond our control. My shopping list is getting longer by the week.

Now, today is day 51 of messing around with art supplies. This is today’s effort …..

Social Distance

Once again I kept it simple. I added some more stencilling, some paper tags, washi tape, pen doodling and water colour pencil shading. This page started off looking like this …..



In between a few household chores, I prepped a few more art journal pages. Here are my next six endeavours ……

Prep a1

Prep a2

Prep a3

Prep a4

Prep a5

Prep a6

A little paint and some stencilling make such a difference to a blank page. The most difficult part of art journaling is actually doing some with a white page. That first splodge of paint is such a relief. I try not to think about it hard. I choose a colour and add it to the blank page. Once that’s done it gets easier. I don’t worry about spoiling the pages anymore.

I mentioned that I was hankering after doing a little appliqué work using one or two of my art journal pages. Quite a lot of my journal pages could be translated into appliqué work. They would have to be resized but would work quite well. They wouldn’t look exactly like the journal pages but quite similar if you closed one eye.

So, my lovely friends, I guess that’s my little report for today. Rest assured that here at happy stitching manor, life is ticking over nicely. Things are getting done at a slow and measured pace. We are settling into the new normal. I hope you have a super cosy evening doing something you truly enjoy doing. Until next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching and messing around with art supplies.

Lucie x


Hello my lovelies. I decided to pop in today to let you all know that I’m fine. I’ve had a bad case of writer’s block but with all that’s happening in the world at the moment, I thought I’d pop in to see if I could somehow lift your spirits.

First of all, how ya all doing??? If you’re anything like me you’ll be staying away from the madding crowd. My Sarah and I have been practicing social distancing for the last week as advised by the government. I have only stepped out for essential food shopping and to collect meds. There has been no socialising except thru digital messaging and the rare phone call. I, of course, have plenty of UFOs to work on but with all that’s going on and things changing almost hourly, I’m finding it hard to concentrate on my projects. However, I’m sure that I will settle down into this quiet isolation period and get some stuff done. As well as my projects, I have loads of tidying to do in the garden. Sarah and I have been demolishing an old deck type patio which had become dangerous. With the help of a borrowed crowbar we lifted the whole thing and there is no more danger of breaking our necks. When things start taking a turn for the better, we will take the rubbish to the tip.

The bulk of the schools in the UK closed on Friday for the foreseeable future. We have no little kids in our household to worry about entertaining in a state of isolation for the months to come until the Covid-19 situation improves. We have only been under “house arrest” since last weekend and already I feel a little cabin fever creeping up. So, I can only imagine what the mommies are going to do with small kids for the next few months.

This whole situation seems surreal to me. It feels like we’re war against an invisible enemy. I have no family here in the UK. They live in Canada and I imagine that things must have a very similar feel there to how things are here. In all my years on earth I have never experienced what it’s like to be at war, not up close and in person anyway.

My only advice to all is have patience and be kind whenever you can. Find chores and projects to catch up on. And this may be the perfect opportunity to get some much-needed rest. Make plans for the future. This is the time to plan how to make your dreams come true.

Over the last few weeks, I have observed some interesting night skies …..


And some lovely sunrises …..


I have officially launched the gardening season …








And look there seems to be an angel in my garden …


I really enjoyed hanging out in the garden for a bit this morning. I dead headed the hydrangea after seeing that the leaves are sprouting. I did a wee bit of pruning and filled the garden waste bin.

So, tell me what have you been doing to keep busy this winter and during our time in isolation. Sometime after Christmas I finished knitting my purple pullover …..


And a few days ago, I dragged out my hexagon project. I’m just working on squaring it up before I add a plain border to it …..


I have been trying to make a plan of action for the next few weeks. My notebook is full of scribbles and lists …..


And look another feather. There must be an angel watching over me for sure.

I don’t spend much time in my sewing room anymore. Most of my quilt making projects are of the slow stitching variety which work really well as armchair projects while watching some mindless TV in the evening. Having said that, when I do disappear into my sewing room my little Maisie joins me in her capacity as project manager. Maisie will soon be 14 years old. She has a number of physical ailments now but she’s hanging in there nonetheless. We treat her with care and kindness. She has been our devoted companion for such a long time she deserves to be treated like a princess.


Today is Mother’s Day here in the UK today. Well I am very grateful that my daughter is with me today. So, to all the mothers who cannot spend some time with their children today due to isolation, I wish you a very happy day. Life is an adventure these days. I reckon isolation may be the very best thing we can do at the moment. Just view our isolation as saving lives. This is our way of helping the NHS. Who knows, we may all be heroes.

So, my friends, I guess that’s my news for this weekend. I hope you all have a super cosy day doing things you enjoy doing. Remember, this too shall pass.

Until next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching. It really does make things better.


Lucie x