Hello my lovelies. I hope you’re all safe and in good spirits. This is a summer like no other. The weather has mainly been reasonable. It’s not too hot at the moment.

I have very little in the way of new quilt making progress to be honest. I have been busy doing a wee bit of social distanced socialising for the first time in months. And of course, summer is made for recharging our batteries in readiness for the cooler months ahead.

So, let’s start with the meagre amount of progress on my Brimfield project …..

Brimfield sandwich

I layered it up and dragged it outside to take some photos but the colours and freshness don’t come through very well in these shots.

Brimfield sandwich 2

I consider this quilt has a more tradition feel so I have decided to hand quilt when the cooler weather comes along. This will give me plenty of time to work out some tradition looking quilting designs. It was quite nice to piece the block patches even though it was tricky when I first started but once I decided to use my glue pen to keep the patches centred over the papers, things started to get easier.

Brimfield sandwich border

I kept the borders simple using the same fabric as the block background and adding a contrasting mini border to break up the sameness. I have no idea what I will do with this quilt once it’s finished but I’m sure it will go to good use at some point.

After completing the layering up job on the Brimfield project I was at a loss for something to do of an evening. So, I went searching in my sewing room and found this that was already on the go …..


A few English paper Pieced project which I started more than five years ago. I would come across every now and again and jut move it from place to place in my sewing room. I decided to have a little go on this for a bit. I will turn it into something small because I need that sense of accomplishment that finishing a project brings. And besides, it’s better to work on something small in the warm weather.

Now, I discovered something quite interesting yesterday. I went out into my little garden which lies just outside my sewing to make a plan of action to tidy it up just a wee bit once the flowering shrubs stop flowering. And while I was out there I noticed something quite intriguing.


Notice how this teapot  in the background is full of twiggy bits??? This teapot is a nesting box which is hanging on my fence as an ornament. Well it seems it’s not an ornament anymore …..


I have a little lodger. I imagine it’s a female robin nesting in my teapot. I could barely believe my eyes. And is it nesting time for robins??? Google tells that robins nest between March-August. So, I suppose I’ve got a late bloomer in my garden.


Well, my lovelies, I suppose that’s my news for now. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing something you truly enjoy doing. Until next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching.

Lucie x


6 thoughts on “A NEW LODGER

  1. Lovely to find a newsy post this morning lurking in my inbox. Brimfield certainly looks good & having it ready now for handquiting for winter is a worthwhile idea. Look forward to see what you have in mind for the stars. Hope we see little birdies chirping away in the teapot! Take care, stay safe & huggles.


    1. Hi Susan, thanks for popping in today. I’m looking forward to hand quilting Brimfield. It’s nice to have plenty of time to formulate a plan of action regarding thread colour and quilting design and such. We’ve been checking on our little Robin friend regularly, we need to make sure next door neighbour’s cat doesn’t get to it. Stay safe and be happy xx


  2. nottinghamgirl1970

    Hello Lucie
    I’m just tuning in to say how much I love your Brimfield quilt. The colours are gorgeous and I’m looking forward with interest to seeing the finished project. That looks like a lot of hand quilting! As you know, I’m in the middle of hand quilting a quilt and I have about six blocks to go. It’s been quite testing at times but I’m a determined woman and have persevered. Then I’ll have to decide how I’m going to quilt the borders. Decisions decisions!
    I’m quite intrigued by the hanging teapot and the nesting robin. How lovely. They are my favourite birds. How on earth did you hang the teapot?
    I hope you and Sarah are keeping well. I don’t know about you but I’m quite nervous about going anywhere – even with lockdown ease. I’m slowly stocking up my freezers with various items for the coming colder weather in the event of another onslaught of this virus. My son has been doing my shopping but I’m worried about putting him at risk. I read in the news that in the Russian area of the Mongolian people there is an outbreak of the bubonic plague. I think God is not very happy with what humans are doing to the planet and each other and is giving us something very serious to think about.
    Take care of yourselves.
    June x
    Sent from my iPad


    1. Hi June, hand quilting is very satisfying. I’ve got different ideas regarding; modern vs. traditional design …. maybe a combination.
      As for the teapot nesting box, it was something I bought at a garden centre a few years ago. So it was purposely manufactured for the job.
      I hadn’t heard about the bubonic plague outbreak …. we are definitely being taught a lesson. Let’s hope the universe looks after us.
      Thanks for popping in today x


    1. Thank you for your very kind words. The robins have flown the nest now. I suspect I discovered the family late in the process as they have flown the nest now but it was lovely having them while it latest. Thanks for popping in today xx

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