Hello my lovelies. I hope you’ve all had a super weekend. Things were pretty quiet for me. I’m still living life in the slow lane making very little contact with the outside world. I have even started to enjoy my own company.

So, as well as doing a bit of gardening, piles of laundry and tidying the house, I did a little hunting around for some fabric from my stash to complete my Row Quilt backing and also some backing for the next project. A good while back I started an English Paper Pieced project called Brimfield. I completed 10 blocks, 9 of which I have now tacked to background fabric squares in readiness for the fine hand stitching securing the patches in place. I will eventually trim these blocks down to 14” when it’s time to join them together. I haven’t decided yet whether I will make an extra 2 blocks and turn it into a 12-block quilt or just leave it as a 9-block project. I have enough background fabric to add another 3 blocks. So, watch this space. Last week I was hankering to start another project. Well I didn’t have to look too far to find something to turn into my evening armchair project. The tacking is all done on the 9 blocks and I’m going to enjoy the fine hand stitching. I love a bit of quiet hand stitching.



Well, my lovely friends, I guess that my news for today. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing something you truly love. Until next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching.

Lucie x


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