Hello my lovelies. I hope you’ve all had a super weekend. The weather has been a bit dismal in my little corner of the northeast of England. I’m afraid my To-Do List has been pushed to one side in favour of doing household chores indoors rather than doing garden chores. A little tidying, some laundry and a wee bit of simple cooking. And then I worked on my newest project; the row quilt. Row quilts are not new, they have been around for many years. Quite often the simple stuff is the most satisfying. Have a little look at my progress …..

Row Quilt 1

All the patches for the other four rows have been prepped and are ready to be tacked to the background squares I rotary cut this morning. Sitting at my table prepping the blocks is so satisfying as you can see the quilt top coming to life. And most of you will know that the theme to this little project is inspired by the art journal pages I have produced over the last couple of months.

I have more progress to show you …..

Circle Quilt

Circle Quilt 1

It’s finished. My Circle Quilt is finished and ready to use. And I love the result. Again, it’s a simple appliqué quilt using fabric that’s in my stash. Using only what’s in my stash seems to be a recurring theme lately. It feels quite good as I can see the spaces appearing in my stash. I will be able to make more spaces in my stash as I have a baby quilt to produce sometime in the next two months or so.

Although the weather isn’t that great, I’ve still had a super weekend. I am currently working on reshaping my life post Covid-19. I’ve said it before and at the risk of becoming boring, I’ll say it again. Life will never be the same again. We’re going to have to be so careful until the scientists find a vaccine. And that’s okay. We can do this. It’s a simple case of adapting and working together but two metres apart. We’re already seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

Well, my lovely friends, I guess that my news for this weekend. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing something wonderful. Until next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching.

Lucie x


    1. Hi Monica, mum is improving slowly. Hopefully she will be coming home sometime in the next couple of weeks. She’s getting a bit bored in hospital without company. I think she’ll be more comfortable at home and in her own bed. Thanks for popping in today xx


  1. That row by row quilt is going to be a cracker. I actually started a row by row a couple of weeks ago with colours pulled from my stash to co-ordinate with the crochet rug I’m doing from Attic 24.
    Been a bit slow lately due to lack of motivation & feeling the cold this year for some reason or another. I do like the circle quilt & well done on the finish. I’ve also made 2 baby quilts during this crisis & both bubs now have them. At least I accomplished something.(giggle). Only 5deg outside at 10am, but sunny & clear now,so a local walk later should be nice. A public holiday here in Oz today, but seems very quiet in our area. Take care, stay safe & huggles.


    1. Hi Susan, I’m so glad you’re keeping busy and productive during these strange times. And it doesn’t matter if the progress is slow due to lack of motivation or feeling cold as you’ll still have a sense of accomplishment when your project is complete. Well done you and I’m sure the babes will love them. Thanks for popping in today xx


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