Hello my lovelies. I hope you’re all well and in good spirits today. Life is pretty good here in my little corner of the northeast of England. It’s good but it’s not perfect. Perfect comes later after you’ve put a little more effort in but there’s always something to be thankful for.

I’ve done all my new normal usuals this morning. A few chores, walk the Maisie old girl pup, gave Sarah a ride and then I dragged my art supplies out and worked on this …..


Another simple art journal page. It’s now day 57 of my ongoing challenge. This little time spent playing with art supplies grounds me on days when I find it difficult to shut myself away in order to keep myself safe. As you can see, today’s effort is simple again. This is how this page started off …..

Prep a6

I spent a little time doing some fine hand appliqué work last evening. It’s amazing how quickly to get back into the groove after a long stretch of not doing any fine hand appliqué. I credit my success to using the finest thread I can find, Invisifil by Wonderfil. I have been this particular thread for fine hand appliqué for many years and it has given me such good results. I highly recommend it.

Circle 1

Circle 2

Circle 3

We are experiencing some really good weather here in my little corner of England. Plenty of sunshine, a little breeze and the gardens are greening up beautifully. Glorious.

Well, my friends, that’s my little bit of news for today. I may not be posting for a couple of days as I have a family health crisis to work out. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing whatever makes you happy. Until next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching and messing around with art supplies.

Lucie x

2 thoughts on “SEEING SPOTS

  1. allisonwp

    Thank you for sharing your art work and your beautiful applique.
    I do hope you are able make wise decisions re. the health crisis and that a good outcome results.


    1. Thanks for popping in Allison. Unfortunately the decisions concerning the health crisis are out of my hands but I’m sure the medics will do exactly what needs to be done. The outcome is in the hands of the universe xx


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