Hello my lovelies. I hope you’re all keeping busy. The new normal is finally creeping into my life without too much hassle anymore. I am finally settling in to not going out. The downside to not going out is that there isn’t much to report! We keep in touch with our friends and we watch or read the news but that doesn’t give me much to write about. I suppose being creative is my outlet.

Sooooo, I’m on day 35 of messing around with art supplies. Today’s effort started out looking like this …..

Prep a

And now it looks like this …..


I wasn’t very discerning when I prepped this page spread. I chose two different colours of paint and just splodged it on any which way. My thoughts at the time were that if it didn’t look good, I could just splash some white paint over it and start again. For this page spread I added some stencilling, a couple of cut outs, some pen doodling and some Caran Dache watercolours. Some of the art supplies I’m using at the moment are things that I never used after purchasing years ago. My background paint is starting to running out now. I may be forced to purchase some online soon. I didn’t realise that I would stick to this challenge for such a long time. I’m going to take it week to week and see how it goes.

I have added a little more to my painted fabric project too. I cut out a few patches that make up the house. I just used fabric from my stash along with Bondaweb to hold it in place while I blanket stitched it onto the background. I plan on layering the piecing with wadding and backing fabric and adding some quilting to give it texture. I was planning on framing this piece but I may find it difficult to find the perfect size frame. So, I may just bind it and hang it on the wall.


So, my friends, I guess that’s my report for today. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing something you truly enjoy. Until next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching and messing around with art supplies.

Lucie x

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