Hello my lovelies. I hope you’re all enjoying a lovely weekend. The sun is shining brightly here but we’re not doing much more outside than walking the dog, going back and forth to the bins, planting some pansies and taking photos of my challenge efforts. It would be the perfect day for families to participate in outdoor pursuits.

I’ve spent most of the weekend doing numerous loads of washing. But while the washing machine has been whirring away, I have been messing around with art supplies. We dragged-out rubber-stamping supplies to add to the mishmash of supplies I can use to meet my self-imposed challenge. So, without further ado here is day 18’s effort …..

Day 18

And day 19’s effort …..

Day 19

I can finally admit that messing around with art supplies has tested my resolve but it has been very therapeutic as well. And I must admit that my creative juices are finally started to flow again. I’m not sure what I will be creating once this challenge is over. And if the lockdown is extended for a few more weeks after this current three weeks, I will definitely set another challenge. Stepping out of my comfort zone has been so good for me. Everybody should try this once in a while.

I mentioned last time that my Maisie was going to have a haircut. She was very hairy and it was making her rather hot at times. I was quite worried that the hot weather would set in and make her even hotter making her little heart work harder. When this opportunity came along, I couldn’t turn it down. So, here’s Maisie a couple of hours before her grooming session …..

Maisie Before

And here she is now …..

Maisie After

She no longer looks like she’s wearing Ugg boots and therefore she can grip the floor again!

It’s been a pretty good weekend so far. The weather, although not very warm, has been bright spurring me on to get a few chores done. That means more time to do a bit more art journaling this coming week. I haven’t done any sewing apart from working on a few hexies all week. I must correct that soon.

So, my friends, I guess that’s my report for this weekend. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing something you truly enjoy. Until next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching and messing around with art supplies.

Lucie x


  1. Your art journal is so interesting. I hope you are inspired to continue “after the isolation” time. I find myself at “loose ends” and not very creative at all. There is so much I should be doing and can not be bothered… Time for me to start reading all my favorite blogs again and catching up on what everyone else is up to.


    1. Hi Mary, I think quite alot of people feel like you do. I’m included in that group but I must admit that quite enthusiastic about working on my art journal. Stepping away from your regular crafting might help in the long run. It’s lovely to hear from you Mary. Stay home and be well x


  2. Hi are filling up those pages fast. All so colourful too. The pear is my favourite I think as I simply love pear (and pumpkin) motifs in crafts! The partridge page is a close second as I love the colours. Pleased you’re using your stamps too. I really got into stamping a few years back and love their versatility. Might have to dust off the stash and have a play! Maisie looks all neat n’ pretty after her trim…just in time for our warmer weather. Pleased you’re all doing well and keeping busy. Karen x


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