Hello my lovelies. It’s another bank holiday here in England. I hope you’re all having a super fine day. It’s overcast and pretty cold here in my little corner of the northeast of England today.

I seem to be sticking to my Messing Around Challenge. It’s now day 13. Here’s how I played with my art journal today …..

Day 13 Journal Page

The blue splodges are actually foil from my Easter eggs!!! And here’s the page I started prepping for tomorrow’s effort …..

Day 13 Prepped Page

I try to do a little prepping everyday because things take a while to dry to my liking. With layering up papers, adding paint etc the pages don’t sit flat anymore. It bothered me at first but now I realise that it’s a sign of the effort I put into something that’s so far out of my comfort zone …..

Art Journal

Over the last 13 days I have worked at my dining table. Well I’m thinking about setting up a little station somewhere in the house. It would mean that I can leave my art supplies at my workstation instead of having to put everything away after each session.

To me the rainbow the is a sign of hope. Of late, the rainbow has become a sign for the #NHS. Windows everywhere are plastered with rainbows drawn by children and adults alike. Soooo, my Sarah gathered up some of her yarn stash and crocheted these …..


And the crocheted rainbows are now hanging in our front window as a sign of hope and solidarity. After all we’re all in this together.

I discovered something this afternoon while I was outside taking photos of my art journal. My first peony bloom has made an appearance. It seems to me that it’s a bit early for peonies to bloom but I’m glad it did. The peony is my favourite flower. I have a total of four different peony shrubs which also include a tree. I hope my peonies bloom for a good long season this year.


So, today is the last day of a long holiday weekend. Tomorrow we go back to the new normal of staying home, protecting the NHS and staying safe. For all those who are staying home, I think you’re all heroes helping to slow down the pandemic.

Well, I guess that’s my report for today. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing something you truly enjoy doing. Until next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching and messing around with art supplies.

Lucie x


  1. Hi Lucie,
    Well your work is taking on a life of its own….crunchy pages and warpy books LOL, this is the beauty of the paper, the sound of it all is cool too….
    When you are done it always looks like you took years to finish it ha ha ha so thick! must be so long to do….ha ha.
    Rainy here but weirdly warm ish sort of….eh. Won’t last.
    I love Sarah’s mobile rainbows, it must look bright in the window. Good for you Sarah!!
    Bye bye…for now. Joanna.


    1. Hi Joanna, the reality of art journaling is if all your supplies are ready and at hand it doesn’t take long except for the drying. That’s why I like to prep several pages in one go and then I can embellish to me heart’s content. Thanks for taking an interest in my little art journal, who knows where it might lead x


  2. Lucie, I’m loving all your art journaling & the effort you’re putting into it. I have been following, but my old laptop is having hissy fits lately so can’t always comment. I did look at my art-type supplies, got some out, then made some tiny cards with a short message & popped them into the 13 letterboxes in our small court. Had a few lovely thank yous & once this is all over, seems people want to get to know each other. That art book is coming out today & I’ll have a play after I’ve done a spot of quilting on Bubs & maybe done some “more” weeding in our back lawn. It’s gone crazy of late, probably due to the wet start of this year. What with drought, fires, flooding rain in a few places & now this virus, I’m wondering how long our politicians are going to face up to it all without falling in a heap. You probably didn’t need to know that, but a crazy start to 2020 & your art endeavours are making us smile. Thank you. Take care, stay safe & huggles.


    1. Hi Susan, oh my goodness Australia’s had drought, fires, flooding rain and now pestilence!!! Let’s hope nothing else happens. One things for sure, it’s never boring. I’m glad my simple grungy art journaling makes you smile. It makes me smile too. Thanks for popping in tonight x


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