Hello my lovelies. I hope you’ve all settled into a new routine. Have you been productive today? Well I’m slowly fitting into the new normal. I did some charity work and then indulged in messy time.

So, it’s Day 7 of my Messing Around with art supplies challenge. I am hoping to stick to for four weeks. Only three weeks to go. Today, I played with some Brusho. Brusho is colour crystals which are very versatile. I only tried one method so far. I started by laying some newspaper to protect the surface. I previously gathered up my supplies including watercolour paper…..

Day 7 Art Supplies

Brusho Tubs

I chose two different colours of Brusho and sprinkled it onto one sheet of watercolour paper…..

Day 7 First Sprinkle

Then I spritzed it with water …..

Day 7 Sprinkle Spritzed

And the next step, I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, but I sprinkled some coarse salt. Apparently, salt can pull some of the colour out giving the work an interesting look …..

Day 7 First sprinkled salted

Here’s the second try with two different colours and spritzed with water …..

Day 7 Second Sprinkle Spritzed

My first thought as I was removing my latex free protective gloves was that both bits of effort look like they’re part of a murder scene!!! I’m not sure what I’ll be doing with these creations. They’re not deserving of being hung in pride of place on the fridge, I’m going to have to practice a whole lot before I am able to create anything great with Brusho. They may take several hours to dry thoroughly. I’m obviously going to have to cut them up to fit them into my art journal. Rest assured that I haven’t given up on the Brusho. I will try different ways of using it over the next few weeks. I’m fired up now. I hope you’re all trying different things. My preferred medium is fabric. So, this paper art is well out of my comfort zone even though I have had a good introduction to many different kinds of art supplies.

So, life goes on at happy stitching manor. We get up every morning and do the things that need doing. We get out to stretch our legs while walking our Maisie girl dog. We play with fabric. We do charity work that we used to do as a group. We cook interesting meals using the ingredients we have in the house. The new normal still feels pretty strange though.

With being in a lockdown situation there may very well be increases in domestic violence. I would also say that family law legal practices will most likely be very busy in months to come after prolonged periods of being cooped up with abusive spouses. Remember abuse doesn’t only mean violence; emotional abuse now falls in the same category as domestic violence here in the UK. So, for anyone suffering at the hands of their abuser, please get help. Click here to be taken to the Woman’s Aid website who can offer advice and help if you’re feeling unsafe during this lockdown. And remember to dial 999 for the Police. Keep yourself and your children safe.

Well it’s been another interesting day in paradise. I love messing around with different things. I think my next endeavour will be playing in the garden. It definitely needs a good tidy. And with the improving weather, there’s never been a better time to get out in the garden.

So, I guess that’s my report for today. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing what you love doing. Until next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching and messing around with art supplies.

Lucie x

6 thoughts on “MESSING AROUND DAY 7

  1. HI there Monet in the making!!!!
    Good first try, I love trying to see where to cut them up for the best feeling in your journal!
    How you can add to them etc….the colors are saturated so a little less might work better for you.
    Anyhoooo…..a super first shot at it Lucie….good on ‘ya kiddo!!!!!…
    Can’t wait ’till tomorrow..ha ha…sunny here but still chilly,
    Take care and be safe!
    Joanna xx


    1. Hi Joanna, I wouldn’t compare my experimental work to Monet. I was disappointed that I didn’t get any further today but the pieces take so long to dry. I look forward to cutting the pieces up and sticking them down. This lockdown is really getting to me, who knew a sixty year old woman could get so excited at cutting and sticking papers!!! Is anyone else feeling excited over the simplest things??? Anyway I hope to post more progress on this newest technique tomorrow once my papers are dry. Thanks for popping in today Joanna x


      1. Monet took to cut outs in his dotage so I would say you are in good company Lucie LOL…
        Try using heavier, thicker, water color paper, it takes the water better and dries faster. Less paint less water also…xx
        Yup, this is over a month now, with a yowling cat…definately getting to me…simple things..hhmmmm…nope not yet! HA HA
        Waiting for tomorrow….be well.


      2. Hi Joanna, well if Monet took to cut outs in his dotage there’s definitely hope for me!!! I will soon get the hang of using Brusho. The next thing I’m going to try with it is diluting it and using it like a wash and perhaps adding splodges and layers of other stuff over the top. If I keep this up I’ll need to set up a small work area to work on. Tha is for popping in xx


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