CREATING …a mess

Hello my lovelies. I hope everything is ticking over nicely in your world. Life is unfurling with interesting twists and turns here at happy stitching manor this week.

This morning I decided to run the gauntlet by visiting the supermarket to replenish food stocks. I got in the car, armed with nothing but a shopping list and plenty of self-determination. I wore gloves all the way through the supermarket. It can be quite difficult pulling a debit card out of your wallet with woolly winter gloves on!!! But I did it. The supermarket was well stocked and I managed to get everything but one item which was sunflower oil. So, we are well stocked until next week when I have a click & collect order booked. I was glad to get home after my outing.

As you may remember from reading my previous recent posts, I find myself quite distracted. I cannot seem to concentrate long enough to get anything done. Well today, I decided to launch a challenge. I am aiming to draw or produce some kind of simple artwork, perhaps something that’s even good enough to hang on the fridge, every day. So, I went upstairs to the drawer where I keep some of my art supplies and chose these and put them in a basket …

Art Supply Basket

I may add to it in time but for today, I used a few things from this selection. I sat in front of the blank page for a few minutes trying to decide what to do. Then I decided to create these three purple blobs …

Gelato 1

Gelato 2

You must keep in mind that I’m not an artist. This is what I turned my three blobs into …..

Gelato 3


Don’t laugh. My aim is to just play everyday and produce something colourful or not. I plan on using only the simple art supplies that I have on hand. I’m hoping my friend Sandra jumps in and shows us how it’s done.

The blobs were created with Gelatos crayons and then outlined a little bit with fine tip markers. I’m not artist but I found it fun doing something I rarely do nowadays. My forte is fabric-based crafts but it was nice doing something different. And it was fun pulling out art supplies including this art roll which I created a few years ago …


ArtRoll 2

So, tell me my friends, how are you keeping busy in these strange times. Are you trying something you’re not too familiar with? Are you stepping out of your comfort zone? Who knows we may all master new techniques that we weren’t familiar with before our lockdown?

So, you can rest assure that Sarah, Maisie and I are all in good fettle for the moment. We’re staying home and perhaps slowly getting into some kind of routine that we can live with.

I guess that’s my report for today. I hope you all have a cosy evening doing things you enjoy doing. Until next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching and creating beautiful things that make us happy.

Lucie x

8 thoughts on “CREATING …a mess

  1. Anita Biedermann

    Greetings from Wisconsin, USA!
    These are indeed scary times and I worry for my son, who is an emergency department physician and is on the front line trying to fight this disease. I too, am easily distracted and find it difficult to concentrate on one project for any length of time. Hopefully, once the oddity of the situation eases, I can make better use of my time.
    As always, it’s nice to hear about what’s going on in your part of the world and I like your plan to create something every day! And don’t forget to wash those gloves after you’ve been out shopping with them!
    Take care! Anita B.


    1. Hi Anita, it’s lovely to hear from you. I will keep your very brave son in my prayers. I consider people like your son, those working on the frontline as heroes. Anita I promise to wash my gloves, yes mam I will. Thanks for popping in today x


  2. People, cover your nose and mouth with a scarf!!!
    Create an art journal, use clippings and such, collage, keep it small and intimate…
    who knows maybe a future quilt or fiber project in the making.
    Joanna…BFA, Art Ed (spec. ed.)
    xxx stay safe all….Montreal. Quebec.


    1. Art Journal, great idea. I have a couple of Mollie Makes crying to be cut up and pasted on blank pages and embellished. I’ll give it a go. Thanks for the prompt. Who knows what movht grow from playing with simple art supplies. Thanks for popping in today xx


  3. Now hang on a minute……you’re very artistic & I remember on your old blog, some of the gorgeous artwork & how some of it was turned into cushions & quilts. Ah, I even have one of your lovely items to keep my cottons neat & tidy. Remember? I saw some flowery drawings like that on Pinterest not long ago & thought I’d like to have a go. Maybe after seeing yours I will.
    Stay safe, take care & huggles.


    1. Hi Susan, I don’t consider myself a paper artist. And I can produce stuff with a “pattern” or specific inspiration but I can’t really draw but I’m going to play and perhaps build my confidence and learn to accept my simple artwork. And maybe I’ll be able to doodle well enough to produce stitchery patterns or a different style of applique work. Everything is worth a try. We all need to grow and change. This period of lockdown has taught me that when it’s done we can all have a fresh start. Now is the time to pick and choose what we take forward into our new lives. Thanks for popping in tonight Susan xx


  4. allisonwp

    Good to read your blog posts Lucie and know you are keeping well. It’s funny how difficult it can be to get things done with ‘all this time on our hands’! I find I am still processing these radical changes and have allowed myself to just potter about, flitting from the garden to my sewing room and back to reading blog posts. But I am feeling a lot more settled than this time last week although the news of rising death tolls is very sobering.
    Today I need to clean the cooker and figure out how to finish an applique cushion cover… 🙂 Maybe as the weeks go on my to-do list/goals will become more structured?
    Take care and enjoy your art project. Allison


    1. Thanks for popping in Allison. You have reassured me that being distracted is a symptom of these difficult times. And like you, as time rolls on, I may be approaching my To-Do List in a more structured manner. The one good thing about our time at home, unlike some, I have my Sarah for company. Somehow it’s reassuring to face uncertain times with her at my side. Stay home and be well Allison x


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