Hello my lovelies. I hope you’ve all had splendid day. It’s been bright and wonderfully productive day in my little world. I have spent day mooching around doing small jobs around the house. I planted more annual bedding plants, sewed four labels onto quilts and generally just tidied around the sewing room and various other areas of my home.

I longarm quilted a quilt top which I received as a Christmas gift. I have been looking at it for months while my longarm system was not working and longing to get it quilted and ready to use. Well yesterday was THE day. I must tell you that this hexagon quilt top was pieced by my Sarah using hand-picked scraps!!!!! The backing fabric was a bit of a dilemma for me. I wanted something different. Something that would set off the quilt top. While digging around my sewing room a couple of weeks ago I came across the perfect backing fabric. It’s bold and bright and just fits with the bold and bright hexagons. After seeing the finished quilt on my laptop screen, Sarah said “I never imagined you would want such a bright quilt”. Well who wouldn’t to brighten up their life with this magnificent piece of work. So without further delay here is the quilt, you might want to put your sunglasses on before you focus on the following photos …..




Is it cheerful enough for you? I love it. It’s going to go at the foot of my bed. And I know it’s going to make me smile every time I go into my room. Do you have a quilt that cheers you up??? I can tell you without a word of a lie that this kind of an accent can make your day. So, don’t be afraid to use colour in your projects.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been longarm quilting charity quilts. I have done three so far and I hope to do a couple more over the next couple of weeks. I must tell you before I write anything else that these quilt tops were not pieced by me. The charity is Quilts for Comfort and we have volunteers who donate finished quilts and we have a few groups who are not capable of quilting the quilt tops they piece. So that’s where I step in, when I can. Some of the quilt tops are a little skimpy, so I look thru my fabric stash and see if I can find something to add borders making a quilt top a more friendly size. And once that’s done, I load it onto my machine and quilt it and then bind and label it ready to hand over to our Quilts for Comfort chairman who stores and delivers a great number of quilts a few times a year to the RVI hospital in Newcastle Upon Tyne. It’s a great cause that makes me feel quite humble. Here are three of the quilts I have done some work on recently.


So, as you can see, I do keep pretty busy. I have been working on my newest project for which I hope to post some progress next week. The blocks are coming along nicely and I am thoroughly enjoying doing the fine hand appliqué work. It’s a soothing repetitive work that slows the day down after a busy demanding time.

Well, I guess that my report for today. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing something you truly enjoy. Until next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching.

Lucie x

11 thoughts on “CHARITY QUILT SEASON

  1. Nicola Beggs

    Wow Lucie I love your new quilt bright colours always make me smile . I smile every time I visit my sister and brother in law at their quilts you so kindly did for them they are a huge comfort . You do an amazing job finishing the quilt tops and they are all so gratefully received . Look forward to seeing you in a few weeks xxx


    1. Hi Roseanne, I love a good old scrappy hexie quilt but I must admit to never really having made one because I struggle with random piercing. I tend to do my hexies in a more organised fashion. However, I am sure that this bright lovely will be cherished and being me comfort for many years to come. Thanks for popping in today xx

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  2. Congrats on the charity quilts Lucie, always good work done eh? and you have taught your daughter well. Sarah? good work my lovely, amazing depth to the pieces, so demensional !! The backing is perfect I love the colors together, reminds me of your Peony!!! ha ha
    Keep going both. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs to Maisie.xx


  3. The hexie quilt is amazing and I love the bright fabric you picked for the back!
    And how generous of you to quilt so many quilts for charity, you are going above and beyond what anyone could expect or wish for. Your contribution will cheer up so many lives!


  4. Well done Sarah & Lucie. Yes,it’s bright & playful, but we need to explore many ideas in design, colour, etc. to keep us excited about our quiltmaking. Love the backing fabric & glad to see you are still involved in the charity quilts. Such a worthwhile cause. I’m thinking plenty of sunshine is making such a difference to your mood. Happy gardening/sewing & take care.


  5. Sheila.

    Lucie, your Sarah’s made a beautiful quilt.
    This is what I call a true scrap quilt and it’s my idea of
    a “happy quilt” well done Sarah.
    I’m glad, Sarah, that you didn’t fall into the trap of using
    mostly all white with little bits of colour here and there.

    Enjoy your fab quilt Lucie.

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