Hello my lovelies. I hope you’ve all had a great week. It’s been a great week in my little corner of the northeast of England in terms of productive accomplishments. I longarm quilted a few charity quilts and designed and pieced a couple of new cushion covers. I kept the design simple and doable in one session. Here’s a little peek …..


I am the queen of meander freemotion quilting but this time I kept the quilting very very simple by quilting in the ditch. I used that funky sewing machine foot that helps me stitch along the seam without wibbling and wobbling all over the place. I love it when a plan comes together.


The sun has been shining all day long here. The last few days have been sunshine free for the most part. And don’t let’s get started about how cold it’s been. It was like winter! I have really appreciated seeing the sun today. Perhaps that why I zoomed thru making not one but two cushion covers!!! The sun spurs me on.


So, I guess that’s another week behind us. We’re almost halfway thru the year. I suppose that’s my report for today. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing something you truly enjoy doing. Until next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching.

Lucie x


  1. Hi Lucie, you are spoiling us! These are good cushions, good.
    Colors, size, materials, good.
    Keep going, interesting info about this “foot” of yours, will need to understand more. ha ha
    We have just seen Noah and his Ark float down the street! The force, heavy force.. of the rain all night and today so far (11 30 am), is terrible. Hopefully tomorrow will be clear and Sunday for Mother’s Day too. Not warm either!
    Thanks for sharing your super work again.
    Bless Lucie.xx


    1. Hi Joanna, thank you for your mind words about my work. As for the rain, we had a fair share of wet weather this week. I thought we’d need an ark to navigate around town at some point just to bet out to buy groceries. Doe the moment the sun is still shining at 5:30pm. Let’s hope for a dry bright weekend too. Thanks for popping in today xx


  2. Hi Lucie! I have that foot and have never given it a shot. I do have some plans for SITD soon, so thank you for reminding me to use it. I do tend to wobble around – either I get distracted with something on TV or something else. Why I don’t just stop stitching is beyond me – sounds rather dangerous, doesn’t it?!! What a cute and fun project and finish. Happy Friday!! ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Hi Roseanne, I’m smiling as always when ai read your comment. Regarding the machine foot, do try it. It works great for me. I dont do much SITD but when I do I use that special foot and it gives me confidence in my work. Thanks for popping in today. I hope the sun is shining in your town today xx

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  3. Great cushions Lucie & I wonder if I can get a foot like that for my Bernina. Looks great so will have to check that one out on my travels into Melbourne. Very wintry weather here too, but then it is Autumn down under. We also celebrate Mothers’ Day this weekend, but as mine all live far & wide, phone calls are much appreciated. Enjoy the sunshine & have a great weekend. Take care.


  4. Oh my! I so love your fabric choices and the stitching is perfect!! Sounds like you were wonderfully creative. Sunshine certainly does go a long way to buoy the spirit upward…..and warm up the home! Sending hugs…………………..


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