Hello my lovelies on this glorious sunny Mother’s Day.  It’s the perfect day here in my little corner of the northeast of England. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and I’m just mooching about doing something and nothing.

I have a wee bit of sewing news. I am slowly making progress on my latest hand quilting project. I am thoroughly enjoying the quiet repetitive soothing hand stitching. Everyone should hand quilt at least one patchwork or whole cloth quilt in their lifetime. So, feast your peeps on this …..


Contrary to popular belief my quilting stitches aren’t all even. And my chosen quilting design won’t be to everyone’s taste. And I’m sure the quilting police would have plenty to say about my appliqué work, however, this project wasn’t designed to please anyone else but me. I have learned not to take life too seriously. I think finished is much better than perfect. I am so pleased with the result of this project so far, that I will be hanging it on the wall for all to see. Warts and all.

I had a little stroll in my garden this morning. My garden isn’t huge, so when I say a little stroll, I’m not kidding. The sunshine and blue sky makes me feel like I live in a castle, albeit a small one. I digress, the point is, I found some lovely growth. My tree peony has flower buds on it …..


I never really liked this tree peony but it fills quite a large space in a back border and also gives me some privacy from the neighbours. Also my peony shrub is making good progress …..


My borders are in need of a little more pruning and mulching. All in good time.

As I mentioned earlier, today is Mother’s Day in the UK. So, to all the special mamas today, I wish you a very special day spending time with your children and grandchildren of all ages.



Well I guess that’s my report for this week. It’s been quite an interesting week. And good progress is being made in all aspects of my life. I hope you’re all having a super cosy day doing things you truly enjoy doing. Until next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching.

Lucie x

7 thoughts on “SUNNY MOTHER’S DAY

  1. Quilted Pants

    I really like the puffiness of your quilt. It looks so soft and warm and will add so much to where ever you decide to display it.
    All the new growth in my garden is giving me a lot of pleasure too. Like yours it is just a small patch but I get so much pleasure out of ‘touring’ round it and checking on how the individual plants are doing and looking out for the occasional surprise addition!


    1. Hi, the puffiness is the result of using wool wadding. I love the texture it creates. And wool wadding is easier to hand quilt than cotton or cotton/blend waddings are. I’m glad you’re enjoying the new growth in your garden. Thanks for popping x


  2. Your quilt is beautiful & I look at the overall picture rather than trying to knitpick the small bits. Ooh, peonies!!!!! Never had any luck with them flowering, although I have one of the perennial ones which grows beautiful foliage, but nothing more. Have a good week & take care.


    1. Hi Susan, as I understand peonies take atleast three years to bloom sometimes. My soil must be suited to peonies as they grow and bloom well. I love the deep dark red blooms. It’s nice to hear from you Susan. Thanks for popping in x


  3. Hand stitching was something that I found so enjoyable, also, but have had to let go of it (in favor of the machine) for very practical reasons…… hands/fingers really rebelled after time spent doing such …… insert very unhappy face. Hand work was always such a social process (way back then—-70s). A group would gather, current stitchings in hand, and settle in for an afternoon of pleasant conversations while the youngsters would be playing nearby. In those days, most all my friends were stay-at-home moms and these outings were eagerly looked forward to. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely stitching and mini “walk-about”……hugs………………

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