Hello my lovelies. I hope you’re all enjoying the tail end of winter. Because I have friends and family in Canada, I know that the weather has been horrendous lately. In Québec, they have had so much snow and then rain and then snow and more rain. When things start to thaw, they’re going to have fun and games. While here in the UK today, we’ve had super brilliant sunshine. I went outside to take a photo of my daffodils and I could hear the birds singing beautifully. It was up rather uplifting listening to the birds for a few minutes.


While I was outside, I spotted these lonely snowdrops sitting there looking pretty sad. I think I’ll plant a few more snowdrops to keep these lonely ones company in years to come.


It’s been a busy company of weeks. We’re finally putting the house back in order after a decorating job. Deciding what pictures to hang where seems to be our most difficult decision at the moment.

I do have a little bit sewing to show you. I have been doing some hand quilting recently. I finished the job over the weekend. Have a little look at this simple but interesting hand quilting.


DSCN1153I took a couple of simple circle templates and used them over and over again to produce this quilting design. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that bring interest to a project. Now that I have finished this little project, I have a hankering to work on another hand quilting project. So, watch this space.

Now that spring is just around the corner, I’m feeling so much perkier. Quite a while ago, I decided that I would always choose to look at the positive aspects of life which I believe enables us to lead happier lives. Never expect someone else to make you happy. You have to choose to be happy.

It’s been a pretty fulfilling weekend in my little corner of the northeast of England. The days are getting longer and the temperature is rising. I may be wrong but we may have escaped having anymore winter storms. Autumn is my favourite time of year but spring comes in a close second. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing something you truly enjoy. Until next time,

Let’s keep on stitching, because a little stitching makes life better.

Lucie x


8 thoughts on “DAFFODIL FIND

  1. Hi, well …sometime, in perhaps May, I also, might be sending a photo…sigh.
    I can’t stand this anymore people, send me some good weather, someone, somewhere??? LOL
    Lucie, great work and good to hear you are being positive and working hard. Must feel good to have the decorating over with too.
    Keep the postings coming.
    Take care, hugs to Maisie.


    1. Hi Joanna, your spring will arrive soon. I can remember the fabulous tulips in my mother’s garden back home in Montreal. The spring birdsong is also wonderful. Thanks for popping in today x


  2. What a lovely floral post, both gardening & quilting. Love the snowdrops & as they are hard to come by over here, I really appreciate seeing them in photos. Your handquilting is something else & the block is so pretty.. Well done Lucie. Take care.


    1. Hi Susan its lovely to hear from you. I must really add some more snowdrops in my front garden. I love them too. As for the hand quilting, I truly enjoy doing it this past weekend. Its rather relaxing. Thanks for popping in today x


  3. Beth Denmon

    Your beautiful work is always an inspiration, Lucie! I love the circles!

    Thank you for the detailed instructions you provided on “How to Applique”. I refer to them frequently and it helped motivate me to tackle a UFO that I thought would never get done. I am working on an Uncle Sam block; its the final block in a BOM from several years ago. I think I have tried every type of applique on this one block! I like your method the best. I wish I could send you a picture, it’s so cute!

    More rain, snow and ice are in our forecast here this week….so nice to see your flowers!
    Thanks again!

    Beth from St Louis


    1. Hi Beth from St Louis, I am so pleased that you found my “How to Applique” info useful. I aimed to share my favourite method and hoped that I might inspire someone to have a go. You wouldn’t believe how lovely it is here today. I ran a couple of errands for which I had to take my jacket off because I was far too hot. I’m quite sure we will have a return of winter temperatures before spring arrives in earnest but I’m willing to enjoy this fabulous show of sunshine. Thank you for popping today. You made my day with your very kind words x

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