Hello my lovelies. Have you had a good week? Mine has been brilliant. I’ve done a bit of this and that and thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

I ran a few errands this morning and a wee bit of fabric may have found it’s way into my bag …..


It’s time again to start thinking about making a notebook cover. My current notebook is coming to an end and I’ll be using some of these long quarters to fabricate said notebook cover. I love the cheerful colours and as I use my notebook daily will enjoy using it. I didn’t really need to buy new fabric but I thought as I have been pretty good at using up what I have for a good while, I deserved a little treat. And besides, the new prints might bring me inspiration. I look forward to cutting into these new babies and piecing something gorgeous that I’ll see every single day.

The weather was very co-operative today. I hadn’t planned to spend anytime outside, in fact, I was going to disappear into my sewing room to have a sewing fix. However, because the sun was shining and the wind was virtually non-existent, I decided to step out and start my autumn garden clean-up.


I clipped and chopped until I filled two reusable garden waste bags. There’s a fifteen-foot Buddleia in one of those bags!!! That’s almost three times my height!!! I worked in the garden space just outside my sewing room. It was getting quite overgrown and scary looking. After an hour of clipping and chopping I managed to clear three-quarters of that area of my garden making it look much tidier. I will dispose off the garden clippings at the tip tomorrow on my way to my sewing session.


My companion supervisor, kept an eye on me while I quietly worked my way thru what looked triffids. She stood just off to one side trying to take in some of the lovely autumn sunshine.


Maisie is in pretty good shape for an old lady dog. She’s twelve now and she loves all of life’s comforts. Once we came inside she assumed her position on the end of the sofa and snored for an hour. It’s hard work supervising outdoors.


I recently finished piecing my latest project and loaded it into my longarm quilting system a couple of days ago. I’m really looking forward to finishing the quilting and binding but in the meantime …..


My design wall is looking so sad. So, tell me ladies, what are you working on these days? I was thinking perhaps, that while I work out my next design, I should probably use up some of my scraps to make a couple of cosy scrappy quilts that my Sarah and I can use on cold winter evenings while watching TV. I bought a large piece of fleece a few weeks ago, which would be perfect to back a couple of cosy scrappy quilts. In the meantime, I can workout what my next theme is. Writers get writers block well I’ve got quilt designer’s block at the moment. I’m sure the inspiration will come soon enough and my design wall will be covered is loveliness again.

So, I guess that’s my report for today. It’s been a fine week in my little world. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing something you truly enjoy doing. We all need to do more of what we love. Until next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching.

Lucie x


  1. You have a naked board!!!!
    Maisie looks beautiful and the sun is making her sleepy eyed…you did lots around the house. She did a good job.ahem…..LOL.
    The colors are very nice for your new book.
    Keep going.


    1. Hi Joanna, I agree. I think the colours would make a great project for a book project or a magazine piece. I’ll get started on that soon. I must sharpen pencil and get my sketchbook out. Thanks for your encouragement xx


      1. You will always have it…sometimes we just need a stranger to come along and see us for who we really are, Lucie.
        Onward and upwards…
        Joanna x

        ps,,,,we had exactly 15 flakes of snow yesterday. Thought you would like that…
        Today is soooo warm…weird world now.xx

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  2. That sounds like a good week & the sun always makes a difference in our mood. Dreary here today. I love those fabrics & look forward to seeing the notebook cover, the finished quilt & maybe a snap of the garden! My design wall has something on it, but being so “unmotivated” at the moment due to a stressful year, nothing much is happening. I must kick myself into gear soon. How cute is Maisie!. Take care & huggles to you & Maisie.

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    1. Thank you Velda. It’s lovely to hear from a fellow Canadian . I was born and bred in Montreal. I’m loving my new freedom. My Maisie is a King Charles Spaniel. Thanks for popping in today x


  3. Hi Lucie! Aww, Maisie looks so sweet. All that fresh air and sunshine combined with the supervisory work must have exhausted her. It would have made me tired too! The only thing better would have been the couch inside and in the sun. Your journal cover fabrics are lovely! I also hope you make it soon and share a tutorial with us! ~smile~ Roseanne

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  4. Veronica England

    Hi It is good to hear you are enjoying life again now .

    The husband hit 80 last Monday so we have had a busy couple of weeks. He who wanted no party or any fuss has had so many small celebrations it has lasted a long time !!!!!

    Back to the sewing. I wondered if when you used fleece on the backing if you found it somewhat reluctant when under the machine for either some quilting or even to attach the binding ? I use it a lot on the children’s ‘ Cuddle quilts ‘ and use a longer stitch length and the tension is fine but still it doesn’t feel to run smoothly unlike when using cotton for the backing.

    Photos attached of my Cuddle quilts and Fidget quilts for the hospital.

    Enjoy the sun whilst we have got it !

    Take care, Veronica.


    1. Hi Veronica, I have used fleece as backing a few times. And because I use a longarm quilting system I haven’t struggled with it. If you’re struggling stitching it using your domestic machine you might consider adding a piece of lightweight calico between the layers to stabilise it. It’s just an idea that I think might help. Thanks for popping in
      Good luck with your fleece x


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