Hello my lovelies. I hope you’re all having great autumn days. The weather has been typical here in my little corner of the northeast of England. It’s been breezy and wet at times but generally I have been enjoying every minute. The heating has been switched on in the evening just to keep the damp away. I have been lighting scented candles; I really enjoy watching the flickering flame.

I have finally completed the centre blocks and inner border of my Sweet Dresden Town. The different components have been hanging on my design wall for months. In the past few days, I have been admiring it and finally took the decision about whether I need another border. And the decision is that yes it needs another border to frame it up. I know exactly what fabric I want as the last border. And it will be purchased this weekend. The backing fabric has been pressed and joined and the whole lot will be ready for longarm quilting very soon. You may not be able to tell but I’m rather excited about getting this one finished.


It seems ages since I last worked on my hexagon project. When I sit down in the evening, I knit. I always seem to get a hankering for knitting when autumn arrives. At the moment I’m knitting socks. I’ve lost count of how many pairs I knitted over the last few weeks. I sure am enjoying it but there will come an evening when I want to do a little hand sewing pretty soon. I’ll let you know when that happens.


I have been keeping quite busy with household chores and making changes to give my home a different feel. It’s a year since I was officially pronounced single by the family court. Making decisions was difficult at times over the last couple of years but I have finally accepted that now I can do as I please when I please in my own home. My top priority was to change the look and feel of my bedroom. This task will be fulfilled this coming week. A few new pieces of furniture will do the trick. And those bits of furniture will be delivered this weekend. I have so been looking forward to this.

Life at happy stitching manor sure has changed over the last few years. Everything is much simpler making mine and my Sarah’s life much easier. There’s rarely any drama. Who knew life could be as good as this???

The leaves are really changing colours now. We’ve had a several blustery days blowing the leaves off the trees and onto the ground. While walking the dog in the morning I have crunched my way thru piles of dried leaves in the park. And the local supermarkets have pumpkins in the produce section. I’m not a pumpkin pie lover but I do like a nicely carved and lit pumpkin.


I guess that’s my report for today. I have been enjoying life of late. My new life seems to finally be taking shape. I still believe in happy ever afters. In fact, I think I’m finally enjoying my happy ever after. I hope you all have a super cosy weekend doing something you truly love doing. We should all be doing more of what we enjoy. Until next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching.

Lucie x

13 thoughts on “PUMPKIN SEASON IS HERE

  1. Bravo. Finally. Coming together.
    This has been what the road is about.
    Patience will bring what is meant to be.
    I look forward to seeing the quilt, Lucie.
    Stay Gold.
    Joanna…xxxxhug for Maisie girl.xx


    1. Hi Joanna, life can be magical if you take the time to really look at what you’ve got. Something inside just clicked one day a few weeks ago and I do feel better in myself. I choose to find something good in everyday. I still have my bad hair days now and again but for the most part I choose to dwell on the good. Always choose joy if you can. Thanks for popping in xx

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  2. Good to see a post pop up & that all is well. Look forward to seeing the border you choose for the quilt. I really must learn to make socks after seeing yours & my friend Jo’s. I’ve knitted since I was 4, made the 3 kid’s woollies when they were young & still both knit & crochet quite often of a night, so what on earth is holding me back………………. Aha, pumpkins! Here in Oz, they are available all year round & we eat them as a vegetable on a regular basis. In fact I grew one plant last year, as it came up all by itself in the veg patch. Have a great weekend & take care.


    1. Hi Susan, pumpkins all year round. That’s great. I hope your spring weather is treating you well. And I do think you should take a chance on knitting a pair of socks. You may even enjoy it. Thanks for popping in today x


    1. Hi Bella, I got the last border fabric today. I’m hoping to get this last border attached in the next couple of days. I’m sooooo looking forward to seeing this project finished. I’m going to keep the machine quilting simple. Thanks for popping in today x


    1. Thank you Mary. It took me a long time to stop beating myself up over something I had no control over. I cannot control someone else’s poor behaviour. That is for popping in today x


  3. Sheila.

    Lucie, coping with the crap life throws at us is exhausting and you are
    entitled to your bad days.
    Take pleasure from the fact that you are a good mother and a strong person.
    Glad to hear you are doing well.
    Those socks you’ve knitted look so comfortable.
    Like you, I love knitting when the winter starts arriving.
    . Enjoy doing your boudoir.
    Looking forward to seeing your finished quilt.
    Slainte (Irish for good health)


  4. allisonreidnem

    It’s good to read you are finding contentment and learning to enjoy the freedom you have in making decisions. It must have been very scary becoming responsible for every decision to be made but you are proving that time and taking small steps can bring about radical changes for the better. I admire your resilience and your decision to have an attitude of gratitude 🙂


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