Hello my lovelies. I trust that you’ve all had a super-duper weekend. I hope you made the most of the last weekend in July. Can you believe that the month is almost over!!!!!

Last week I started working on a new little project. Every now and again I need a short sharp sewing fix. Short sharp means a small project which can be completed quickly. You might remember me posting this photo last week …..


Well I have completed this project by adding some of this …..


Which I added some simple freemotion quilting to …..



Boy did I ever enjoy quilting this ……



I set aside that little house panel to add some freemotion quilting to this …..


Then the magic started. I layered up the two components and added some pockets and then went on to bind the piece …..




Can you work out what it is yet?


I plan on flipping it over the arm of my chair and keeping my remote controllers and anything else that I feel the need to keep close to hand while watching TV up in my den.

When I bought these four fat quarters I had absolutely no plan for cutting into them. I don’t buy fabric as often as I used to, so when I do it’s because I really need it to finish something off or I just really like the fabric selection.

It was a quiet weekend in my little world. My Maisie girl dog had dental surgery on Friday and needed to rest from the trauma. Maisie is doing very well all the while healing up nicely. She looked like she’d been thru the wars when I collected her from the vet hospital Friday evening. Maisie is a few teeth lighter and my wallet is much thinner.

So that’s my report for today. I’m pleased with my latest finish. Life really does get better with every stitch I take. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing something you truly enjoy doing. Until next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching.

Lucie x

10 thoughts on “SHORT SHARP SEWING FIX

  1. That looks absolutely lovely and I did think maybe a cover for a small laptop, but I like your idea of keeping things handy but tidy. Now don’t laugh at this!!! I thought they were quaint little beach huts with surfboards alongside, as I know your love of all things ‘beachy’. When I looked closer, realised they were houses & trees. I do have a reminder for an eye appointment, so must make that a priority once we are back from our jaunt. Have a good week my friend and take care.


    1. Hi Susan, I’m tickled that you thought my little houses were beach huts and surfboards. I’m pleased that I could inspire others to see different things in my work. Perhaps that should be my next short sharp sewing fix. I think Beach huts and surf boards are brilliant subjects for a project. I don’t happen to think there’s anything wrong with your eyes but do have them examined when you’re due. Thanks for popping in and sending new inspiration my way x


  2. Hey Lucie!!!

    How are you going on? I like your new project, the quilting is super fun, the bottom, middle and rose clouds, loving it!!! I am a sucker for that free or arm stitching, just makes everything more special, yes? Maisie is doing better? Wonderful. Give her lots of hugs and smushees for me and Basile. Did she have her ice cream? LOL You keep going…and get ready for the Quilt Show. We all, your readers, are demanding photos, right ladies???
    Talk soon, dear heart.
    Joanna xx


    1. Hi Joanna, I agree that freemotion quilting makes a project that much more special. I thoroughly enjoyed my little freemotion quilting session over the weekend. I must drag out some of my UFOs to see if any of them can be finished by freemotion quilting them. The next project I would like to quilt is the Joanna quilt. I keep looking at it and thinking about how I’d like to quilt it but I’m not ready to tackle the job yet. It’s going to be good when it’s done. Maisie is doing really well. She’s as cheeky as she’s always been. And snores just as loud too. Thanks for popping in today x


      1. I think they can all be FMQ, I never get over the change it makes afterwards. It transports them to another level, altogether. I love to see it.
        AAAHHHHHH, Yay!!!! My quilt!! I thought you had forgotten about it. I am soooooo excited to see what you are going to do…I can’t wait!! I am reeeeally excited and very very happy, (see big smile on face). LOL I know it’s going to be good,
        Sweet Maisie girl, she is so strong for her age and side affect. I can hear her snoring from here! ha ha ha
        Well, shall let you be and we shall talk soon.


    1. Hi Deborah, it’s an easy fun project. It’s a great way of using up some of our precious stash. And a great opportunity to practice our freemotion quilting skills. Thanks for popping in x


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