Hello my lovelies. I hope you’ve all had a super day. The weather in my little corner of the Uk has reverted to fresh and breezy. It’s a good time to do outdoor jobs. I must admit that I didn’t get around to working outside. Maybe tomorrow.

I promised that I would post a photo of my latest effort ….



I finished longarm quilting my Moving Forward quilt last week. I am so pleased with the result. I will be adding some buttons and Yo-Yos here and there for embellishment. The quilting has added texture and interest and the bright colours on the paler background is exactly the look I was looking for. This is so different from the way I used to work two years ago. Looking at this quilt makes me happy. As you can see the quilt is wider than my Sarah’s arm span and the day is quite dull but you get a really good idea of what my quilt looks like. I’m doing a happy dance 😉

This morning when I woke up, firstly I worked out where I was and what I needed to do today. I needed to pop over to M&S to collect something I ordered online but then the rest of the day was all mine to do as I pleased. So, I chose to play in my sewing room. Surprise, surprise!!!

I need a new notebook starting on the first of July. And although I just use simple notebooks, I like to make patchwork covers for them which makes the notebooks more interesting. So, this is the fabric I picked for my notebook cover …..


I decided to keep the design simple by using my Dresden ruler. I rotary cut wedges from three of the four fat quarters and got down to the sewing. I sewed and pressed until I joined enough wedges to make a quilt top that would cover the notebook.


I used my Kelly clamps to turn a tube right side out. The tube was fashioned into a garter type thing that I place around my notebook and in which I store my pen.



Now I’m ready for all the To-Do Lists I will compose not to mention the appointments that come along in the second half of the year. It was fun being let loose in my sewing room this afternoon. I had no idea what I was going to work on but soon decided and produced what I needed without any struggle whatsoever. That makes a change.


It’s been a really good day in my little world. Happy stitching manor is ticking over nicely at the moment. Sarah has all but finished university now. We still have the Degree Show at the beginning of June and her graduation at the beginning of July. Life is a little more relaxed now. The next step for Sarah is to find work. She has a few irons in the fire. I truly believe that sometimes it’s a question of being at the right place at the right time. Only time will tell.

So, that’s my report for today. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing something that makes you happy. Until next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching.

Lucie x


  1. Such a wonderful post! Uplifting and positive. The quilt is simply wonderful, Lucie. So much work and imagination, planning and placing. You are now able to tell tales, write fiber stories, time to write stories on paper…don’t put it off. Put forward that columnu Courage!! Sarah will be fine. You are getting your house in order as females always do. Life. A quilt of the flowers of England, like flora and fauna, Would be interesting. Enjoy the summer and the quilt show.
    Joanna x hugs to Maisie.x


    1. Hi Joanna, thank you for your kind words of encouragement. This quilt brings me comfort in different ways; not only can it keep me warm and cosy but also shows me that if I put my mind to it I can do anything. Putting my house in order is coming slowly along nicely. As for a magazine article, I have an idea about how to go about it. So watch this space. Thanks for popping in x


      1. I can’t wait to see where you are heading, the both of you, ooops! the three of you ha ha ha. We have not “known” each other long, as your other friends have, but you have passed mid-point now. Full sails…only the horizon ahead of you both. God bless.
        Joanna. xxx

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  2. Nicola Beggs

    Wow Lucie that quilt is beautiful and so inspiring love it . Cannot believe it’s Sarah’s graduation where have those 3 years gone . Wishing you good luck in your job hunt you will be an asset to whichever company is lucky enough to get you . Xxxx


    1. Hi Nicola, I think I’ll gi e quilt designing another go. I seem tk be getting the hang it now. I’m hoping Sarah finds a good job soon. It wont do her confidence any good if she sits on the shelf for too long. While she’s job hunting she’s designing new fabric and projects. It seems the Apple doesn’t fall far for the tree! Thanks for popping in today Nicola x


  3. quiltingloulou

    Love the fabric on your notebook cover. Can you share what it is?
    My, how time flies. Doesn’t seem that long since you were talking about Sarah going to uni. in the first place. I know a lot has happened to you over this time and I can read that you have come through it wonderfully well. Things seem to be working well for you and your new life is building well. Good luck to you both for the future and I am sure Sarah will be successful in finding work in the not too distant future.


    1. Hi Anne, I have looked at the leftover fat quarters to see if there was any printing on the selvedge but there was no writing. Sorry I can’t be more helpful about sharing what collection it was from. I’ll have a look around the next time I hit a quilt shop.
      I cannot believe how fast Sarah’s three years at university have flown by. I thought Operation Taking Flight would never end. Life is marching forward a lot better than I ever imagined two years ago when life imploded on itself. Freedom is much sweeter than I ever thought it could be. Thanks for popping in x


    1. Hi Anne , very intriguing. I hope you’re getting back into the groove after your holiday. I’m not sure where the sun has disappeared to but I sure hope it comes back soon. Thanks for popping in x


  4. WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!!! Your Moving Forward quilt is stunning & I’d love to see it in the real. The little notebook cover is lovely &something I’d never think of. Time is my biggest problem at the moment, what with our visitor who was with us longer than anticipated & little brother’s health problems, which we’ve just done a quick trip to Sydney for, hence my i’net absence. I wish Sarah all the best in her plans for the future & look forward to hearing how it all goes. Take care.


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