Hello my lovelies. I hope you’ve all had a good productive day. It seems that spring has taken a step backwards here and so it feels a little colder in comparison to the warmish weather we experienced recently.

It’s been an interesting couple of days. Yesterday I went to my monthly volunteer afternoon. The Belles were in good spirits and ready to work. I presented my idea of piecing some quilts using stitch and flip blocks which were donated a while back and the quilt as you go method of joining everything together.


It seems that everyone was ready for a new challenge. Our main goal is to make quilts for Quilts for Comfort. This group is supposed to be a self-help group whose members learn from anyone willing to share their ideas and skills. One of our lovely ladies announced that she is leaving the group due to family commitments yesterday. I’m sure I speak for all our members in wishing Val and her family well in all their future endeavours.

During our volunteer session yesterday, Ann B. handed me a beautiful quilt top she pieced for QFC. As I did not have any concrete plans for today, I loaded the quilt top into my longarm and quilted it. Here’s a little sneak peek …..


Once again, I used a quilting design called Rose Garden by Apricot Moon. I really like the design. I used a nice fine mauve colour thread which sits on the white spaces nicely and kind of disappears on the colour fabrics. I will label and bind the quilt being sure to put Anne B’s name on the label as well as mine. I feel that by putting a label on the it quilt gives said quilt a human connection for the recipient.

I worked a little bit on Oliver the Owl today. I prepped all the parts that make him up. Drawing this wee block has given me loads of ideas for new blocks for a future project. It’s amazing where we find inspiration. I also find it very interesting that our style and tastes changes with time. I have a hankering to design something juvenile. I was never into piecing quilts for children but I think I’m going to set off in that direction for my next project. So, watch this space.


So, the last couple of days have been rather interesting. With every passing day I meet new personalities. I’ve been trying to plan what to do with myself this summer. I have one or two interesting events to attend. And I have lots of work to do in my garden. My garden is not exactly low maintenance, so I plan on doing something about that this year. I’ll start by pruning back my shrubs to see exactly what I’ve got and take it from there.

So, I guess that’s my report for today. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing something you thoroughly enjoy doing. Until next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching.

Lucie x


  1. Hello Lucie, nice to hear that you had a good day yesterday. The two quilts are very bright and cheery, very nice. There is the peachy colored fabric for the baby quilt, reminds me of a garden, small birds? Dig out the ground around the bushes, prune back the spurs and then work up the plant stem. Cut back by at least half, if it is dead wood, off with its head! Leave perhaps 4-5 good stems. Put down some good three inches of cedar mulch and it is good for three years. No weeds, either, magic number is three. Forfeit blooms if necessary for this year to clear out the garden. Will be ready for next year and lots of nice clear fresh breathing space in the garden.Good luck.


    1. Hi Joanna, thanks for the pruning info. I think pruning back hard as you described is overdue for my garden. It will definitely do it some good. Ad for the child’s quilt, well I’ll start drawing soon. This will be the first time I’ve designed something for children. So I hope I’m successful. Thanks for your encouraging words x


      1. Why would you not be successful? Just gear the fibers to the person (age), and think of the future and where will this quilt (maybe) end up, family? if so, add the date made, something like that, doesn’t always need to be cute, either. Soft and beautiful is comforting, yes? Comfort, beauty, fun, just be you, Lucie. Don’t try too hard to do what you already know. Trust yourself. Create treasures. Do what you wanted to do but never did. You know???


      2. Hi Joanna, I just decided tast I will be successful. I’m going to gear this project as if it were for my child. I’m going to use bright fresh fabrics giving it a modern twist. I may do a girly version as well as a boy version. As you suggested, I will create treasures. Thanks for the encouraging words x


  2. Also, what about those articles or comments for the magazines? Did you give it any thought yet? Time is nearing for you to change, clearing the garden and creating your own place to grow is the same thing. Time to plant yourself in your own garden. Show no fear, what do you have to lose?


    1. Hi Joanna, I have been giving the articles thought but I need to clear thecdecks before I start that. I look forward to that challenge. I’ve git absolutely nothing to lose x


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