Hello my lovelies. I hope you’ve all had a superb day. It’s been a proper spring day in my little corner of the northeast of England. The temperature levelling off at 20 degrees Celsius!!! I hope it lasts for a few more days.

I kicked off my day in the sewing room. I spent quite a lot of time in there today. I’m pleased to show you the progress I made. First of all, I needed to finish the project I worked on yesterday because it’s a gift for someone and it will be handed over tomorrow. So, the next step was to cut and join the lining …..


So, I traced the main body of the project onto the lining using a chalk wheel. I don’t use my chalk wheel very often but it comes in very handy when I do use it …..



I sewed and pressed and cut and scratched my head now and again. And I ended up with this …..


Obviously, I’m very pleased with the result. So much so that I think I’ll hunt out some of my woolly bits to make one of these bags for myself. Wool is a little bit trickier to work with because it can fray. So, my best tip is to take a 3/8” sew allowance rather than the regular ¼”. The best part of this project is the only thing I had to add is lining which I already had in my stash.

This afternoon I concentrated on my “A” is for Appliqué/Joanna Quilt. I have two more blocks to add stitchery work to but the ten that are ready to go got some extra bits added to them. I cut some 2-1/2” strips of red Bumbleberries by Lewis & Irene and added them to each block in a log cabin fashion. My 12” blocks now measure 16” and will not need sashing. I’m thinking of staggering the blocks once it’s time to join them all together. I’m still gathering embellishments such as button, lace and other funky vintage stuff. Most of the embellishments will be once the quilting is done. So, here’s a few progress photos …..



This is the last block I added stitchery work to ….


And this is the next one to get the stitchery treatment. It doesn’t take much stitchery to make a difference.


So, I’d say that was a pretty good day’s work. I feel so happy about the progress I made today. I’m not sure what made me add the red borders to my blocks today but the bright cheerful red seems to have given me a new lease on life. I love red. My lounge has quite a lot of red in it.

I guess that’s my report for today. Today I have really made life better one quilting stitch at a time. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing you truly enjoy doing. Until next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching.

Lucie x

16 thoughts on “SEEING RED

  1. Okay, okay… so I am soooooo excited about this quilt. It is drop dead gorgeous, Lucie. The red is my favorite, but it is a deep soft rose red, just so gorgeous. My favorite also. ha ha The bee hive, how did you know I love bees???? We need a buzzzzyy bee… It is better than I could ever have imagined, I am so excited!!!!!! Gosh, the add ons are making a three dimensional story, I can’t say enough, I wish I could tell you in person and see it..the bag is nice, but you have to know where my heart is ha ha ha…do you need to quilt it, do you think?? Will it lose something??? Lucie, what have you done….look, Did you ever??? Seriously. What a wonderful thing this is.
    Love you,


    1. Hi Joanna, I took a chance on the red frames. I thought it needed a lift. I really look forward to putting it all together just so I can stand back and view it properly. I will quilt it. I’m sure the quilting will add texture to it. I’m getting pretty excited about this project. Thanks for popping in x


    1. Hi Anne, I’m really enjoying this project, especially now that the blocks are almost ready to join together to form a quilt top. The end is in sight. Thanks for popping in x


    1. Hi Sandra, finishing this project is truly liberating. As much as I love red I never used it as liberally as I have in this project. New trend for me. Thanks for popping in x


  2. Love the bag & think I remember you writing about purchasing a wool kit at a show, many years ago, so lucky recipient as it’s gorgeous. Your A is for applique is really coming on a treat & is that something you ran on your blog? Have a great day out & take care.


    1. Hi Susan, yes I ran A is for Applique several years ago. I lost interest in the blocks until recently but now it’s look great and I’m anxious to see the finished result. I’m.loving that it’s bright and cheerful since I added the red frames it’s not to everyone’s taste but I am pleased so far. Thanks for popping in today Susan. Have a great weekend x


  3. Bella G. Bear

    Aaah the finished bag! I like it a lot as well. The colours are very well-balanced and the pattern is simple, but still interesting. Hope the person you gave it to was very pleased with it!


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