Hello my lovelies. I hope you’ve all had a brilliant first day of the week. We are now halfway thru the month of April!!! I can’t figure out where all the months have gone.

I had a lovely weekend; I spent some time with a few like-minded ladies doing appliqué work. Appliqué seems to feature quite a lot in my quiet little life. I also spent some time trying to work out what my last block should be for my Moving Forward quilt project. I have decided on an owl! I will keep it simple as the last block is a wee 6” block.

I didn’t get any sewing done today. As well as doing a bit of living outside the home I had a few chores that needed doing. So, I only got as far as tracing some words on the bottom of this block and sewing some leaders on in order to be able to load it into my quilting hoop …..


Just in case you can’t see the pencilled in words, it reads Create the life you imagined. I’m not sure if someone is credited with this quote but it’s one I’ve been trying to live by for some time now. For so many years I tried to please everyone and, in my quest, to shut down the idea of doing the right thing for everyone else, I’m creating the life I imagined I would be living at this time in my life. Not everyone can live a fairy tale life, certainly not me. Onward and upward.

It was a lovely weekend in my little corner of the northeast of England. Spending some time with my appliqué friends was great. The more I get out and about and socialise with others, the more I feel normal. The only other sewing related progress I made was to hoop another “A” is for Appliqué/Joanna Quilt block in readiness for a little stitchery work. I’ve worked out how I will join these blocks once they are all ready. I just need to hunt out some fabric to do what I want to do. If only there were more hours in a day, I would be able to get this quilt top pieced and ready for quilting. It’s going to be a nice quilt once it’s finished.


So, I guess that’s my little report for today. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing something you enjoy doing. Until next time, I’ll keep making life better one quilting stitch at a time.

Let’s all keep on stitching.

Lucie x

6 thoughts on “A DAY OF HOOPING BLOCKS

    1. Hi Anne, my lovely like-minded ladies seem to be on the same wave-length as me. We have a good laugh and make progress on our applique projects. Thanks for popping in x


  1. Dearest Lucie, I am so happy to see this beautiful creation. An owl, wisdom, Flying through the dark, patience and survival. Interesting n’est pas? Had a horrible, terrible week past, but as you have written, Create the life you imagined. I need to take a some self advice. Be brave as you walk forward.


    1. Hi Joanna, I’m sorry to hear you had a horrible week. I know that at times it’s really hard to see past the horrible. We worry about the unknown but when it’s all over and done with and the clouds lift, life can be really good. Create the life you imagined ….. sometimes you don’t even know what you’ve imagined!!!! Take your time and think about what kind of life you want. Yes Joanne, be brave as you walk. On a light note, have you look at Pinterest for ideas regarding wheelchair lap quilts. Of the two suggestions I received, Pinterest might be your best bet. I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. I hope today was filled with sunshine for you x


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