Hello my lovelies. I hope you’ve all had a brilliant day. It’s quite wintery here today; cold and wet yet again. I miss the sun. Please does someone have a cup of sunshine to lend me.

It’s been a day of mooching around my sewing room. I was digging around trying to find some kind of embellishment for my “A” is for Appliqué AKA the Joanna Quilt. I knew I had some very old lace bits that my Sarah’s godmother gave me many years ago. The lace bits have been moved around from place to place over the years but I didn’t have to dig around for very long to find them …..


There’s plenty of old lace bits. They even smell old. It takes you back to old times. Times that I couldn’t possibly remember because I wasn’t even alive when these bits were fashionable. I was quite impressed with this lace cuffed sleeve type thing …..


I’m hoping to work one or two of these bits in to my Joanna Quilt along with some mother of pearl buttons. I think they go quite well together. Thank you to Monica for suggesting I try amazon for the MOP buttons. I’m going to be keep searching for other types of embellishments to add to said quilt. I think I may have worked out how I will join all the blocks together to form the quilt top. I’m going to keep it all simple so as not to take away from the appliqué work. It’s quite a nice challenge to work it all out.


Last evening I finish the fine hand appliqué on this Moving Forward block …..


Only two more blocks to go and the centre of Moving Forward will be complete. Once again, I’m going to keep this project simple because I want the appliqué work to stand out. There’s a quite a contrast between the Joanna Quilt and the Moving Forward quilt. It’s quite interesting having both running parallel, when one is a few years old and, in the style, I preferred in those days and the other is a recent design using brighter happier colours. The difference is pretty obvious to me.

I read a quote that stayed with me all day …. God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers ~ Rudyard Kipling

My report is pretty short today. I have other things running in the background at the moment. I feel quite satisfied with my accomplishments lately. Quietly but surely, I’m welcoming in the new and saying goodbye to the old. Life is good. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing something great. Until next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching.

Lucie x


  1. The lace is too precious to cut. You must do something else with ALL of that, it is far too too important. No no no, Lucie, too beautiful to cut. You see this in the V&A, think on it…I am honored to see you call it the Joanna Quilt, I love it! Thank you so very very much. I am touched, truly. There is something that I read last night amidst a turmoil of unpleasantness. It soothed me some what. May I share it with everyone like you, and you of course??
    by Michael Bridge.
    When our eyes see our hands doing the work of our hearts,
    the circle of creation is completed inside of us, the doors of our souls fly open and love steps forth to heal everything in site.
    Love to you all, hugs to Maisie,


    1. Hi Anne, I’m having second thoughts about using them in this project. They’re so old I could never wash the quilt without worrying that the lace bits would fall to bits. I will definitely use them in something but perhaps it should be a wall hanging. Thanks for popping in today x


  2. I love the old lace! When I do the “Second Time Around” for our guild, we get all sorts of lace and doilies etc donated. I had a “February” special with an entire basket of the bits, and sold nearly all of them. The embellishment quilters in our guild snatched them up. May will be Scraptastic, and June will be NOTIONS…boy do I have buttons!! I love seeing how everyone puts them to use. My sunshine is awaiting, and I will soak some up for you as I head to sunny California and Mexico tomorrow! Hexies are kitted up in my carry on and in my checked luggage for my travel stitching.

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