Hello my lovelies. I hope you’ve all had a super day. It’s been sunny in my little world today. I just wish the sun would bring some warmth with it.

I’m sorry I missed you yesterday. I was at my Quilts for Comfort volunteer afternoon. By the time I got home I had no more energy. My brain was too tired to post. However, today I have a little bit of progress to show you. I spent quite a lot of time adding some raw edge machine appliqué to last weeks new design. I stitched a few circles on …..


And a few hearts …..


And then I joined the three sections of this quilt together and this is what it looks like now.



I’m might add one more bit of appliqué in the bottom corner. I just don’t want to spoil it by adding too much. You know I quite often say that less is more. This is another quilt that was requested which I feel needs to be a quick make which will cheer someone up. So, I kept the design simple and added some machine appliqué to soften the straight lines. I’m not quite sure when but I will be longarm quilting this quilt top sometime soon.

My other little bit of progress is really only prep work, so not something very exciting but it needs doing if I want to make serious progress on my little hexagon project.  I cut hundreds of fabric hexagons …..


I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. When you find a technique that you enjoy, even the prep work is fun. I’ve found a great method of cutting my fabric hexagons. And I stick to that method. I feel the repetition is soothing. I keep al my fabric shapes in a box that contain dividers which helps everything from getting all jumbled up.

So, it was back to normal today. Whatever normal is. My Sarah headed off to Manchester to attend a music gig this evening. So, Maisie and I have the house to ourselves this evening. It’ll be feet up with some hand stitching for me and a lot of snoring for Maisie. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing something you truly enjoy. Until next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching.

Lucie x


  1. Lucie, do you use a machine to cut your hexies? I normally just rough cut fabric and the use the papers to properly define the shape. I am wondering if it’s worth me buying a die to cut instead.


    1. Hi Linda, I am hand cutting 3/4″ hexies for this particular project. I don’t know of any company that produces a die to cut hexies that size. I do have a sizzix die to cut the 3/4″ papers though. For the fabric shapes i cut 2″ strips and trace the template. I cut thru four layers. By putting a pin thru the layers none of those layers move. Cutting strips reduces the amount of hand cutting you have to do. I hope this helps. Thanks for popping in today Linda x


  2. dunselmalodge

    WOW Lucie that quilt looks amazing you are such a talented lady and lovely friend to so many , know this quilt will bring so much comfort to the recipient xxx❤️❤️❤️


    1. Hi Nicola, thank you for your encouraging words. I went back into my sewing room after supper added a little dog in the bottom corner to complete the look. The quilt is now loaded in my longarm ready for quilting. I look forward to seeing the finished result. Thanks for poppling in today x


    1. Hi Anne, that quilt is now loaded in my longarm. Idecided tk backmjnto jy sewing room supper to finish the top and to load it in readiness for quilting. Hexagons are always my go-to project. English Paper Piecing is such a cool technique once you get the hang of it. Thanks for popping in today Anne x


  3. sandra

    The circles and hearts look fab on the quilt.. your hexagons look so neat and tidy awaiting their turn to join in the sewing fun!!


    1. Hi Sandra, I love having piles of fabric hexagons just waiting their turn to be joined together. Such a lovely quiet technique as an armchair project. Thanks for popping in today Sandra x


  4. It must be around nine thirty for you, right now. I can hear Maisie snoring from here LOL.
    Well, Lucie. This is a beauty! I had thought it was done last time I saw it. I have to say that the love is showing with the hearts and circles, is this for an older patient? I feel something different with this one. Beautiful. Good work as per….
    Have a beautiful evening.
    Joanna. x


    1. Hi Joanna, this quilt us for a stroke patient who is around my age. The colours are part of her decor. Luckily I had enough of these colours in my stash. It will be back lovely soft red fleece. The fleece in itself is cosy. I added a little applique dog in the bottom right corner. The lady likes dogs. I think she’ll like it. Its loaded in my longarm ready to be quilted. Thanks for popping in this evening x BTW I checked out Harriott by Sue Cody and it’s beautiful x


  5. We all know the stories behind the quilts, no matter where they are from or who does them. Such a hugely important talent and skill, whether by hand or machine, women’s hand work. Women have been incredibly important in the history of textiles, also with out those women who came before, there would be a loss of story telling, recording of history…work and art in fiber has been the backbone of recording the human story. All you ladies who work in these fields, Bravo for continuing the story. Bravo for the thoughtfulness , Lucie. The touch of putting a dog in the story,the hearts to help her go forward. She surely will be touched as we all are.
    Read the Subersive Stitch. You will bloom.
    Relax, knowing the kindness you have given.


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