Hello my lovelies from a sunny breezy northeast of England. It’s finally Friday. I’m sure there are loads of you sighing because you’re happy to see the end of the workweek. I’m going to enjoy my weekend. I’m going to reward myself for filling the past week with useful tasks. Here’s my stack of usefulness for this week …..


I lovingly folded and stacked these completed quilts last evening. It gave me great satisfaction knowing that these few quilts, that were a joint effort between our volunteer quilt makers and me, will bring comfort for a few poorly young people who need comfort.

Last evening while I was sitting watching television and hand finishing the binding on a quilt, I was making of plan of action for a quilt I have been asked to piece. So, after doing my morning routine, I gathered up pen and paper and drew a grid and re-divided the grid into different sections in order to be able to spread the colours and prints of the chosen fabric.


I started rotary cutting, sewing and pressing furiously. At the moment the quilt is in three sections because I plan on adding a little simple raw edge machine appliqué. It will be a lot simpler to add some machine appliqué if I don’t have to push the whole quilt top thru my sewing machine.


So, as you can see for yourself, it’s been a pretty busy week in my little world. Next week, I have one or two appointments. So hopefully I can go back to working at my slow and measured pace again. Traveling in the slow lane is so great. It gives you a chance to look at the scenery.

I guess that’s my report for today. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing something your truly love doing. Until next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching.

Lucie x

9 thoughts on “STACK OF USEFULNESS

  1. Firstly, BRAVO!!!! What a week and look what you have done.
    The last quilt is quite smart. Very rich. Have a super week end, smile and do something for you.
    Joanna. x


    1. Hi Anne, I’m going to fill up the car and tuck myself away in the slow labe for a few days. I’m really looking forward to the Easter Hols. I’ll be buying my Easter eggs this weekend. Thanks for popping in today x


  2. dunselmalodge

    My goodness Lucie you are amazing what a busy week you’ve had and how amazing are all those quilts , the comfort they bring to each person who receives one and their families is phenomenal what a superstar you are . Hope you have a restful weekend and enjoy buying your Easter Eggs xxx


    1. Thank you for your very encouraging words Nicola. I’m going to buy myself a special Easter egg this year. Have a great weekend and I hope the move goes really well x


  3. Well done you, as that stack of loveliness at the top proves. I’m sure there will be many sighs of pleasure from the recipients. I do like the red & black quilt. Are you really going to quilt it on the domestic? I too have been on a mission of late, trying to get 2 baby quilts done to send to my nieces whose babies have arrived, so best get my skates on & get them quilted. I’ve hurt my back (again) & am limited, but at least can still sew sporadically & use the long-arm. It will come good, as I well know. Since I got up around 7am (it’s Sunday), the wind has sprung up & is blowing a hooley, as I know you’d say. It’s quite vicious actually. Have a great weekend & take care.


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