Hello my lovelies. I hope you’ve all had an enjoyable day. It’s Friday. This is the day when I look back on the week gone by and take stock of all that’s gone on and everything I’ve accomplished. By all accounts, it’s been another great week in my little world.

It’s been a dreary day in my northeast of England. It hasn’t stopped raining since last night. I count myself lucky that it’s been raining and not snowing!!! I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

While the wind was blowing and the rain was lashing the windows, I disappeared into my sewing room to do some longarm quilting on a charity quilt that I loaded yesterday. I used a bright gold yellow thread and the quilting design is called Simple Texture by Celine Spader. Here’s a little peek …..



I stitch and stitched until the quilting was done. Have a look at the back of the quilt. It looks neat and tidy. And I suppose if you wanted to you could use this quilt on both sides.


As this quilting is part of a challenge I set myself, I went on to load another charity quilt top to longarm quilt on Monday. It’s another scrappy quilt; it’s quite fun to look at all the different fabrics in these scrappy quilts. I even recognise some of the fabrics as some that I have used over the years. Sometime over the weekend, I’ll search out some fabric suitable for binding. I guess I should make miles of it as I have at least five more quilts to longarm quilt and three of those are scrappy quilts. Multi-coloured binding will work rather well with the scrappy quilts and it will be nice to use up my scraps. The problem with using scraps is that it makes more scraps!!!

I started a to compose a simple tutorial to show how I approach the prep work for hand appliqué work this afternoon. I’m hoping to come up with the words that will explain how I got to this stage …..


I’ve taken oodles of photos but I’m never quite sure how and what to say. I suppose if I say everything, as if the person reading knows nothing about appliqué, I might get all the info down.

It’s been such a good week. I’m always happy when Friday rolls around. Tomorrow, I’m hoping to spend some time with like-minded ladies. A little socialising is good for the soul. My Sarah and I, we’re working on our happy ever after. Every week, every single week brings a surprise.

Well I guess that’s my report for today. I hope you all have a super cosy weekend doing things you truly enjoy doing. Until next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching.

Lucie x  


  1. Best idea, Lucie. Begin with the idea that all is new, and those who know more will always let you know. Trust me! ha ha ” AH! The Noble Pear. ” Whose shape is balanced through life, starts off small and ends in abundance. (a little humor). The stitch, is that the last one you do, or do you use a finer one afterwards? I like the finished quilt, Lucie. Bravo, encore. Cannot wait to see the rest. I left a message for you in your last post. About the magazine idea. Read and think on it. Let me know.
    Hugs to little four paws and cheering on Sarah, be brilliant Sarah!


    1. Hi Joanna, I like the pear too. I wasn’t sure it was something i should put on a quilt but i thinkmit looks pretty good. The stitching you seeminnthenpear photo is only tacking. I goon to permanently secure the patches in place with some find hand sewing where the stitching hardly shows. The thread I use is as fine as hair. It’s 100weight thread!@! I really like applique work. Can you tell??? Thanks for popping in again today x


    1. I think photos help us understand what we’re suppose to do but theres nothing better than a few written tips to help us along. I benefit so much from someone elses experiments although I must admit I’ve learned a lot the hard way. Thanks for popping in x

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    1. Hi Susan, I agree all over are best for scrappy I Spy type of quilts. The snow is with us again this weekend. I’m heading out for a sewing session this morning and will probably come home early just for safety sake. Have a fab weekend and thanks for popping in x


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