Hello my lovelies. I hope you’ve all had a super-super day. My day had lots of sunshine in it. I could actually feel the heat in the sun. It gives me hope that spring is just around the corner.

I’m quite excited today. As of last evening, I started working on an emergency quilt. I’ll tell you more about this when I have finished said quilt. Just let’s say that I stepped forward to make a quilt that may bring comfort to someone. My brief was to make a quilt using the colour scheme of pink and grey and that it needed to be a little bit longer than our usual. I started by searching my stash for pink and grey before I put myself forward. I wasn’t sure that I would have enough but by the time I stopped pulling pink and grey I had enough fabric to make two quilt tops!!! I also managed to find a sponsor who was happy to donate scrounge some nice soft fleece which I will use as backing.  It was meant to be.


My next step was to work out what block design I was going to use. I feel that this quilt needs to be made in lickety split time. So, whatever I did it needed to be a quick make/finish. So, I decided on uneven brickwork type rows. I set to and rotary cut strips of the different colours while I watched the 6 o’clock news. Then I sat down and sketched a plan of action breaking the rows down into sections. And then I sat down to watch some TV and did some hand appliqué because I planned to get up early and start the cutting and joining up process at dawn.

As per my plan, I got up just before dawn and settled in to my work. Maisie sat in the sewing room with me and supervised my every move. By 8am this is where I was …..


I had to shut down because I had an appointment but I carried on when I got home …..


Standing back and looking at it I thought it was a little bland. So, I started hunting down a Accuquilt die that I thought might jazz up this quilt. So, I cut some circles …..


Thee circles are back in Bondaweb which will make the next step pretty simple. I ironed the circles here there and everywhere……


There are two more sections that don’t appear in the photos because my design wall is long enough.

My next step is to blanket stitch the circles in place. And if I’m lucky I’ll be able to join all the sections and load the quilt into my longarm to start stitching is on Friday. I think the stitching will add to the whole design making more interesting again.

I feel good about being able to pull this project together in such a short time. And no, I don’t wear a cape or wear my nickers over the top of my street clothes. I’m just a normal everyday woman who is determined to help. Every now and then I get the chance to help someone in need of comfort. This week it just so happens I’m able to do it.

So, I guess that’s my report for today. I will definitely be back soon with a progress report on my latest challenge. I hope I’m able to stick to the time frame I set myself. Sometimes life gets in the way but we just around the obstacles and carry on. I hope you all have a great evening doing something you truly enjoy. Until next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching.

Lucie x

4 thoughts on “A NEW CHALLENGE

  1. frayedattheedge

    Well done Lucie!! We need more peope lile you in the world to step in and help out!! I still have the “thank you” letter I was given for the very first quilt I made for Project Linus, many years ago ……… I still cry when I read it!


    1. Hi Anne, after seeing first hand the comfort that our cosy quilts bring, I’m proud to help whenever I can. And if I can use some of my stash in the process that’s even better. It’s a great way of paying it forward. Thanks for popping in Anne x


  2. Kuddo’s Lucie, and of course dear sweet Maisie…

    Everyone needs warmth of some kind, and you have made something very special. Quick thinking, also!
    Can’t wait to see the finished product and read the story behind it.
    Joanna. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. sandra

    I need to buy you some knickers to wear over your tights!!!
    You have jammed!!! Many times in the last 4 years you have literally worked all hours to provide comfort for a young body fighting the battle. I have witnessed up close how big your heart is xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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