Hello my lovelies. I hope you’ve been enjoying some winter sunshine. The sunlight poured in thru all my windows today. It felt very spring like. I would like to think that winter will only last a few more weeks.

I had no real plan of action for today. I wasn’t sure if I should draw some new blocks …..


To add to the collection hanging on my design wall …..


I didn’t know whether to load my new Dresden quilt into my longarm system for quilting …..


In the end I didn’t do any of that. My Sarah had a dental appointment and came home one tooth lighter. The tooth that needed attention could not be saved. It was a baby tooth and the best way to deal with the infection was to remove it and eventually bridge the gap. As you can imagine it was a pretty traumatic day. So, I spent a quiet afternoon with Sarah watching mindless TV shows that we taped recently. The tooth extraction kind of changed our meal plan ….. so, I made some lovely chicken noodle and veg soup which we both enjoy. A little comfort food was very welcome. Since this was a baby tooth, I was wondering if Sarah should put her tooth under her pillow? Do you think the tooth fairy will visit tonight???

I recently mentioned that Sarah and I will collaborating on a project soon. Well I can finally show you the start of the project …..




These fabrics are Sarah’s print. She designed this print herself and we had it printed in three different  background colours. I’m hoping some co-ordinating designs will be produced once her uni assignment deadlines are met.  In the meantime, I’m going to make up a few household goods using these lovely fabrics. Having this fabric is like buying a new Jelly Roll and not wanting to remove the ribbon that holds all the strips in a neat roll, I just don’t want to cut into it because it looks so good as a whole. So, watch this space.

Well it’s been a nice quiet day in my little world. The sunshine makes me feel so good. Well, that’s my report for today. Until next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching

Lucie x


  1. Linda Hodges

    Congratulations Sarah. The fabrics are beautiful. I’m suffering a little in the tooth department at the moment but my dentist is on maternity leave and trusting another one is another thing.


    1. Hi Linda, The fabrics are even better up close and in person. Sarah’s mouth isn’t feeling too bad at the moment. It’s unfortunate that your preferred dentist is on maternity leave at the moment. I hope you’re not in too much pain. Thanks for popping in today x


  2. kaycebb

    Your Sarah’s fabric design is unique and lovely. I prefer the yellow background myself and can “see it” already in a quilt. Let your readers know when it will be available for purchase.
    Kay from Texas


  3. Hi Lucie, I think you are never too old for the tooth fairy. Imagine the surprise Sarah will have! LOL. I just love the print. I spent five years in Uni, Fine Arts, Art Ed, Specialization, Psych for a Master in Art Therapy. Five years in Fiber Arts. That is why I am trying to get back into the fiber part of it again. The thread. Anyway, I think the print is pretty darn good. Kudo’s to Sarah. I checked her blog and she is so right on track, age and creativity and collecting whatever’s. I am just, just the same….so hard, there will always be something that could be used to be created into something else, etc….ha ha I am not sure if it would be appropriate to leave a message, so please convey to Sarah….CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! from one artist to another budding genius, go for it girl!
    Joanna xxx


  4. Have we a budding fabric designer in the making? They are beautiful Sarah!!!! A baby tooth still in a young lady & I thought I was the only one with a wisdom tooth half through, that will never get any further.(lol). I love both applique quilt tops & am green with envy, as my handstitching is woeful & I only ever hand sew bindings. Off now to do my Photo Scavenger Hunt, as I’m way behind on blogging. Can’t wait to see if you really can cut into that fabric. Take care.


    1. Hi Susan, snap!!! I only have one wisdom tooth and it’s only half thru as well. I’m hoping Sarah will go far with her designs. I couldn’t believe the day she announced that instead of illustration she wanted to specialise in textiles!!! I loaded my Dresden quilt in my longarm frame early this morning and plan on doing a custom job on it. I hope to get started tomorrow morning. I’m going to keep it simple. Thanks for popping in today Susan x


  5. frayedattheedge

    Hi Lucie
    I somehow missed this post! Sarah’s fabric is beautiful – I think she has a very successful career in front of her in the design world!!
    Anne xx


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