Hello my lovelies. I hope you’ve all had a super duper productive day. It’s been dark and dreary here but I didn’t let that get me down. I drew up a To-Do List yesterday for today. And I just stuck to it until I crossed everything off my list. Phew! I’m glad this day almost over. Now I get to sit down and relax.

I’ll start my report with my POTC progress. I finally stitched the label on …..


When the label goes on, that’s it the quilt is finished and ready to use. My quilt, My Labour of Love quilt, will go on to serve me for many years. It will be used and loved probably long after I have gone on to another dimension. I’m hoping that once I’m gone my quilt will go to a loving home. Here’s another little peek at the finished result …..


And here, my lovely assistants, Chris and Morag, holding the quilt up for viewing. Looking at a quilt from a distance gives you the chance to see the all over effect. You can’t see that when you stand only inches away…..


Last week, I kicked off a new armchair project. I knew I was going to miss working on EPP. So, I decided on what kind of a layout I wanted and started cutting up fabric …..


And here is a little peek at what it might look like when I start joining all the hexagons together …..


I’m quite happy with the look of this new armchair project. It’s one that I will work on in the evening while watching TV and if and when I join other like-minded ladies for sewing sessions once or twice a month.

My weekend was a lovely relaxed affair. We enjoyed a little sunshine and some time spent with interesting ladies. I love the social side of getting together with other ladies who indulge in quilt making.

So, I guess that’s my report for today. It feels a wee bit light so hopefully I can bring you some interesting progress later in the week. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing something that brings you joy. Until next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching

Lucie x

17 thoughts on “A GREAT FINISH

    1. Hi Anne, thanks so much for your very kind words. After spending 18 months working on my POTC I couldn’t imagine not having an EPP project on the go. The repetition is very soothing. Thanks for popping in today x


  1. What an amazing quilt – I don’t think that I would have the patience. I tried a little project with paper piercing (I think that is what it is called) – but it will take me forever to finish it! Well done!!


    1. Hi, English Paper Piecing does take a bit of patience but once you get the knack of it you’ll enjoy it. Just remember it’s not a race. Kelp up the good work and you’ll get there. Thanks for popping in x

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  2. I’ve just done a catchup of your last 5 posts & the progress reports on everything has been super. We were away for a long weekend in caravan & had no internet access. The POTC is beautiful & sometimes it’s hard when a special project is finished to settle back down, so well done & glad you’ve got another on the go. Have a good week & take care.


    1. Hi Susan, I must admit that I did panic when I realised that my long drawn out project had come to an end but I have pretty busy with plenty of stuff. As you saw I did start another EPP and I’m sure I’m going to enjoy work on that over the next year or so in the evening. I hope you enjoyed your time away from home. Sometimes a change of scenery is just what we need to charge our batteries. I hope the weather is good to you x


  3. Stunning, Lucie. Hard to realize it was all done by hand, small piece by small piece. You certainly have patience. The new layout looks intriguing. Very airy and fresh. This will lighten up a room in no time. Probably a six month project, would you say?
    Do the other ladies make full quilts as you do?
    Hugs to Maisie. xx


    1. Hi Joanna, I think my new English Paper Piecing project will take a little more than six months as I do other things at the same time. And the other ladies that I join for a monthly sewing session when I can do also piece fill size quilts. We all do different piece different kinds of quilts using different techniques. There’s always inspiration to be found when you come together as a group. Thanks for popping in Joanna. I hope you’re having a good day x


      1. I agree, when ever I would attend a vernissage or an art workshop, you always have your eyes opened and feel the flush of excitement, yes? You are excited and raring to go, and see how you could possible mix something of the new with the old. We always come back to the same thread, don’t we? Ha ha….
        Sarah’s dissertation should be on Women and Hand Work through History. She sure has had a good mentor to follow, in you. I hope you are proud of what you have accomplished, Lucie. You deserve it. Keep stitching and keep going. I will be trying my own, hopefully this summer. I learn so much by watching you. Thank you so very very much.
        Joanna. xxx

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  4. heathersmith11

    Hi Lucie I must have missed the reveal on Saturday. The quilt is absolutely beautiful and yes alabour of love, looks fabulous on the bed x


    1. Hi Heather, I didn’t realise you hadn’t seen it up close and in person on Saturday. I’m sorry about that. I guess I had put it away and we were on to other things by the time you arrived. I’m very pleased with the finished result. Now I’m been busy designing new blocks and using some that I drew sometime ago to build my next project. Thanks for popping in today x


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