Hello my lovelies. It’s finally Friday. I hope you’ve all had a super week. Mine has been pretty good. Today was especially great. I’m not sure if it’s the sunshine or what but I feel good today. I’m grateful for the freedom I’ve got. Perhaps I feel good because it’s the start of the Chinese New Year. Happy year of the dog everyone.

Chinese New Year

I did a whole lot of household chores in order to free up my weekend for good stuff. I’ll be stepping out tomorrow to spend some time with a few like-minded ladies who like me, enjoy quilt making. There will most likely be a little show and tell and plenty of current event discussions. There may even be a bit of coffee and cake. I’ve chosen my project to take along and I hope to make some progress.

I didn’t have a plan of action for today. So in between filling the washing machine and tumble dryer, I decided to prep some blocks in readiness for fine hand appliqué for my current whimsy which I call Moving Forward. The sun was shining on my table while I traced shapes on my freezer paper …..


I’ll fast forward to the fun part …..


Tacking the patches in place is very satisfying. Here’s a little tip for those who have done little or no appliqué work. My appliqué work is mainly whimsical so to help me centre my little designs I press guidelines in my background fabric …..


I have pressed diagonal lines in this background but centred vertical and horizontal guidelines work really well. Here’s an example of when you could use diagonal guidelines …..


And here’s an example of vertical and horizontal guidelines …..


The guidelines eventually press out and you’re left with a nice block. I’m looking forward to doing the fine hand stitching to permanently secure the patches in place and adding these two blocks to the inventory. My project seems to be progressing better than I thought.

For whatever reason, I’m always glad to see Friday come around again. The weekend seems to unfurl at a more relaxed pace which gives me a little break. It also means that we don’t have to be on the clock first thing in the morning. It’s been a pretty good week in my little corner of the northeast of England. If today is anything to go on, spring is just around the corner. Mind you the weatherman said something completely different here this morning.

So, I guess that my meagre report for today. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing something that makes you happy. Until next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching

Lucie x


    1. Hi Joanna, I’m quite enthusiastic about this project, It is growing quickly now for some reason. I still have quite a long way to go but I am enjoying the creativity and the inspiration I’m finding. Thanks for popping in today x


      1. It was meant to be! That’s why. These charming, sweet pieces were sitting there for a reason, this is moving forward, taking the old, adding the new, and making peace with it all, Girly is good too, yes? I have said before, but…there is just something special about those older pieces, the colors…I don’t know. I imagine a little girl, having this cuddling her, when she needs a little quiet time. Moving forward, you know you need to give it away, that is the moving forward, one stitch at a time. See?
        Joanna xxx


      2. Hi Joanna, I hope these replies are getting thru to you now. I am definitely going to finish the latest UFOs I have posted about even my A is for Applique that you liked so much. I’m going to add some traditional blocks to that one and join it all together. I hope to embellish it in an interesting way which will be girlish enough for any little to cuddle in. Every day is better than the next, this is the effect of one stitch at a time. Thanks for popping in. Have a great weekend x


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