Hello my lovely readers. I hope you’ve all had a super Thursday. It’s been a lovely day in my little world. I talked my Sarah into running a few errands with me this morning. So now we’re set for the weekend.

I would like to start today’s report by thanking all my long-time readers for following me over to One Quilting Stitch at a Time. New life, new blog. It feels good to start over. I hope I can do this new blog justice. To my new readers and followers, welcome. I hope you’ll find a little inspiration here.

As I write my daily ramblings, I realise that being creative is the perfect way to express myself. I love being creative and productive. I love taking a new design from pencil and paper to an actual tangible end result. Some of you may be wondering what my journey is to that end result. Well most of it starts on paper. I use a pencil, an eraser some rulers to draw a layout …..


Once I have decided on a layout I start to draw the blocks. Once again, the blocks are drawn out on paper using all kinds of different shape templates from my stash of tools. When you look at the drawings, they look pretty simple but once they are turned into fabric pictures they look so much better.


This drawing was turned into this fabric picture …..


I plan to embellish this block with a little embroidery; perhaps outlining the petals in long running stitches and maybe some French/Colonial knots.

Anyone can design new projects. And everyone has different ideas to bring to the table. I like keeping it simple, simple shapes give clean lines. And simple lines make you believe that you can produce this project.

There are different words to describe our work. I’m talking about the crafts that we produce with our very own hands. Would you describe my quilts and quilted projects as homemade? Or would you use the words handmade or handcrafted? I think I would describe foodie things as homemade. My favourite word to describe my work is handcrafted. The Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of handcrafted is ~ make skilfully by hand. However, their definition for handmade is ~ made by hand, not by machine, and typically therefore of superior quality. I suppose both these words are good words to describe the work we do. What’s your preference?

Well, we’ve made it thru the first week of February. Can you believe it??? We’re well into the new year. The winter Olympics start on Saturday. I’m not a great one for watching sports on TV but I wouldn’t mind watching a little ice skating and perhaps some downhill skiing. However, the coverage won’t be televised until 11pm here in the UK. That’s a little late for me.

I’m still sewing my little fingers to bone trying to attach the border to my Patchwork of the Crosses. I knew the fine hand stitching would take a while. I reckon I’ll finish that job over the weekend. I purchased my backing fabric before Christmas. So, I will be ready to longarm quilt this labour of love as soon as the border is attached. Eeeeee. I’m so excited to see this project finished.

So that’s my report for today. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing something you truly enjoy. Until next time,

Let’s all keep on stitching

Lucie x


  1. I love the design part too, on graph paper mainly & also my Quilt Wizard program. I’ve also got EQ6, but need to get to grips with that a bit better. I’ve been designing with graph paper since my Dad bought me a graph pad when I was 5, to draw house plans & I’ve never been without one since, though I scribble on all sorts of things including serviettes, cash register dockets, small notepads & odd pieces of paper. I also take a camera with me everywhere, which is another very useful tool. Love your new blog as much as the old one & glad things are on the up. Thanks & take care.


    1. Hi Susan, do you struggle with EQ6. I have EQ7 which I use for info on traditional blocks and layouts but for the most part I turn to paper and pencil. I should start taking my camera out more often. It hasn’t left the house in months@!@ Thank you so much for your very kind words regarding my new blog. You make me feel like on the right track again. Thanks for popping in today x


  2. allisonreidnem

    Hi! I’m enjoying your new blog too ☺Reading those definitions, perhaps ‘handcrafted’ is more accurate than ‘homemade’ although most people would let the definitions overlap quite substantially I think. I use a mix of graph paper and EQ7 to design.


    1. Hi Allison, I do agree with handcrafted. It’s a nice word. I have EQ7 as well but I use it mainly for traditional blocks but only because I’ve never really given myself the time to learn it properly. Perhaps I’ll put that on my To-Do List for this year. Thanks for popping in Allison x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Allison, did you hear that they have release EQ8. I was thinking about upgrading but I think I should get reacquainted with EQ7 first. I might give it a bash, perhaps I might be able to manage to create my simply blocks on it. Who knows??? I might even succeed. It’s sunny here this morning but brrrr cold. Have a great one x


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