Hello my lovelies. I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. There was very little sunshine in mine but today is bright and breezy. It’s almost as thought spring is just around the corner but that’s not going to happen this early in the year.

I would like to kick off my Monday report with a sneaky peek of my hearth runner. I completely forgot to post a photo of the finished result in place. I’m so pleased with my effort that I plan on using my Missouri Quilt Dresden Template Ruler to make another project soon. I’ve drawn out the new project and worked out the dimensions. Now I just need the time and the energy to get on with it.


I had my boiler and gas fire serviced this morning. Hopefully I will have uninterrupted heat and hot water for the foreseeable future now. It doesn’t always follow that if you look after something it won’t give you bother. As you may remember I took my Maisie for her six-month check on Wednesday last week. I was so pleased that the vet was quite happy with her progress. Well on Saturday morning Maisie was not very well at all. She was acting like she was having a stroke. Naturally I was very worried but managed to book an emergency appointment at my vet hospital immediately. Sarah cuddled Maisie in the back seat on the car on the way there. The vet saw us pretty quickly and put us at ease almost immediately upon seeing Maisie. She was having an episode of Vestibular Disease. It’s like a very bad case of Vertigo that although can be treated with meds usually takes time to heal. The young vet gave Maisie a starter injection of the same meds we were sent home with in pill form and the effects were apparent within the hour. It’s a condition that is quite common in older dogs. This adventure has taught me to never become complacent and always consider that we never know what tomorrow will bring. Watching Maisie suffer from this condition and not knowing whether we would be bringing her home or not was very scary. She could very possibly suffer more episodes in the future.


Once the boiler man left, I disappeared into my sewing room to do a wee bit of sewing. I made a plan of action and followed it to the letter. It turned out that my plan worked very well and I accomplished everything I wanted to do. I cut some strips and joined them together and proceeded to cut cross sections to form long strips for a border …..


I love the Lewis & Irene Ditsy prints. I quite like the vintage feel they give this project. It’s such a contrast from the last biggish project I worked on using a stark white background. Now I need to add the last plain border, choose a backing fabric and longarm quilt the three layers together one quilting stitch at a time.


I like good sturdy tools for use in my quilt making. My rotary cutter was pretty blunt last week so I changed the blade. We all know how dangerous rotary cutters can be but especially once the blade is blunt. Once I changed the blade and started cutting strips for my latest project I found that it was a bit wobbly and I wasn’t quite sure it was cutting accurately. So, as the rotary cutter is four years old I decided to order a new one. As you can see my preference is the 60mm Olfa Rotary Cutter. I like the spring-loaded safety mechanism that automatically engages when you put the cutter down.


It’s been a really nice day in my little world. Happy Stitching Manor is a pretty good place to hang around on a sunny Monday. I got a few chores done and went on to do a little sewing too. According to my diary it’s suppose to be a quiet week in my little world which means I can get quite a few chores done. I have a very long list of stuff I need to catch up on. So, I have started filling in all the pages of my diary for this week with plenty of said chores to be done. Hopefully when spring comes along I will be ready to enjoy life. You know spring isn’t that far off now. It’s almost the end of January already.

So that’s my report for today. I hope you have enjoy a sunny day and have a sense of accomplishment on this first day of the week.

Until next time,

Let’s all keep stitching

Lucie x


    1. Hi Anne, test assured that we’re pampering our little Maisie at the moment. I really thought she was a goner on Saturday. I’ll give her a cuddle for you. Thanks for popping in tonight x


  1. Such terrible upset with Maisie, it is true about never knowing, it is very upsetting. I am glad that you were able to receive help. I had bad news today, my friend has stage 4, stomach. So, your words hit home. Hug her and let her know, she is okay with you. God bless.

    Sorry everyone, this is not a happy note and not about stitching.
    My apologies to Lucie and all her readers.


    1. Hi Joanna, I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. Never apologise for sharing sad news. This just reaffirms that we should make the most of the time we’re given on earth together. Thanks for popping in x


  2. Oh, Maisie, you poor wee thing. Lots of huggles from across the miles. Vertigo is not nice as I fully know. Lucie, your runner looks lovely & the second one is also shaping up very well. I’ve been quiet as we’ve been to Canberra for a few days to look after 2 of our grandchildren, so lots of time for thinking & designing whilst travelling & I came up with a little something for my dresden plate ruler, which I hope to put into action come March. So much going on this month. I’m off to look at your next 2 posts which have come through. Take care you 3.

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