Hello my lovelies. Have you had a fab day? It’s been a pretty good day in my little world. My Sarah and I started the day off with a hair appointment. I just had my regular trim to tidy away all the dead ends but Sarah had loads cut off the length …..

Sarah haircut

Sarah’s hair was almost down to her waist and decided she needed a bit of a change. So, her hair is only down to her collar bone now.

We went on to run a few errands in town and upon arriving home and after having a cuppa and a snack I disappeared into my sewing room again. I pieced a few simple four patch blocks amongst other things …..


I like to be sure to press my seams in a way that reduces the bulk. So, I did the old propeller trick …..


We took Maisie to the vet for her six-month check up yesterday. I always worry about taking her for her check ups now that she has a heart murmur. I hold my breath when the vet listens to her heart. Once again, the verdict is that her murmur isn’t any worse. Thank goodness for that 😉.


Well it’s been a great day here at happy stitching manor. The sun was shining affecting my whole outlook on life. It seems I always get more done on a sunny day than a dark one. After spending a few hours in my sewing room, I cooked a bit of comfort food for our evening meal. Tonight, it’s chilli bean sausage casserole. It’s not very exotic but it will keep us going for a bit.

This evening I hope to make progress on another Patchwork of the Crosses block. I’ve only got two more blocks to go to finish the centre section of my quilt top. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing something you love doing.

Until next time,

Let’s all keep stitching

Lucie x

15 thoughts on “A SUNNY FOUR PATCH DAY

  1. I’m delighted that Maisie’s check-up went ok! Sarah will find it a bit chilly with so much of her lovely hair cut off. I agree that we get more done when the sun is shining – it just lifts our mood and energises us!


    1. Hi Anne, Sarah is loving her new hair. She says it’s much easier to wash, dry and curl!!! I’m hoping for some sunshine this weekend as well. I have a few jobs that need doing. Thanks for popping in today x


  2. That was a lot of weight off her head, what color!!!!!!
    So happy for your sweet little friend, she is so precious. I know what it is like to have an old pal like that…very special and touching.
    I like your squares and watch your moves with great intent, now that I have a machine. I just need to buy some thread ha ha ha.
    I hope this is working out for you, now you have changed sites. Gives you more peace of mind.
    Take care and the chili sounds yummy!! Save me a dish!
    Nice evening to all.


    1. Hi Joanna, the hairdresser cut at least 12″ of hair from Sarah long locks. It looks absolutely fab now. If I could get her to sit still for a minute I might be able to take a photo of her so you could see! This new sight is beginning to feel like home now. Especially now that some of my old followers have found me. The chilli casserole was a proper winter warmer. Goodness knows what I’ll cook tonight. Thanks for popping in x


  3. Good news about Maisie’s health check & I always think of Sarah with “very” long hair! Ah, the propeller trick is what I use too, but I’ve just participated in a Mystery QAL & no ironing instructions were given & although we had 4 patches which I did like that, I’ve come unstuck a bit with some of the block seams not even nesting, which is annoying. We could do with a little less sunshine and a bit of rain & coolness, but January is nearly over, so only February to swelter through now I guess. Take care.


    1. Hi Susan, Maisie is in pretty good fettle for an old lady and she’s recently had a hair cut as well. We all look tidy now. Regarding pressing seams, I believe that not pressing properly can make a quilt top look messy leaving it looking less than smooth when it comes time to quilt it. I wish you could share some of that heat and sunshine with us here in the UK. Thanks for popping in today x


  4. claire93

    good to hear that Maisie is ticking along ^^
    I also went for a serious haircut yesterday, but my hair is short, so nothing nearly as impressive as Sarah’s long locks in a pile on the floor ^^


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