Hello my lovelies. It’s red letter weekend in my quiet little world. I got such good news yesterday which I am still revelling in. My Sarah, my lovely clever and very creative daughter, received her grades for her dissertation. She got a first. This mean she’s almost assured to graduate with honours. What more can this super happy stitching lady ask for. I’m soooo proud.


I have a little progress report for you today. You might remember I started planning a runner for the hearth in my living room yesterday. I chose five different fabrics from my stash and started cutting it up. Originally, I was planning on piecing my runner from simple strips. However, once I got into my sewing room and when I was reaching for a rotary ruler to start cutting, I noticed a Dresden Plate ruler which I have never used before. So, I changed my plan of action. I cut a few Dresden shapes from each fabric and laid them out to work out which fabric to place where.

When I was happy with the placement I started to join the shapes together in groups of five shapes …..


I just kept progressing until I had the whole runner pieced. I even got it layered up and ready for quilting ….

It doesn’t look like much at the moment but I’m quite sure when it’s all quilted and sitting on my hearth it will look fab. If this works out well, I may even make another that’s spring themed and possible another summer themed. The sky is the limit.
I hope to bring you some more progress about the machine quilting using rulers sometime in the next few days. I plan on keeping the quilting design simple in order to get used to the feel of holding a ruler against the sewing machine foot while free motion stitching. I think it may be a case of patting your head while rubbing your tummy all at the same time. Possibly some straight lines might do the trick. We’ll just have to see when the time comes.
It’s quite interesting working on a new technique. It seems to be coming to fruition a lot quicker than I thought it would. I must admit that the runner I pieced was rather simple and the fabric came from a bag of fabric which I discovered while I was sorting and tidying in preparation for painting my sewing room. I wish all projects came together that easy.
Well that’s my little report for today. I hope you’re all planning seasonal projects that come together as easily as mine has.
Please pop in again soon.
Until next time,
Let’s all keep stitching
Lucie x



  1. CONGRATULATIONS Sarah. All that effort of working hard is well rewarded.
    Hey Lucie, you’re one up on me using one of your “untried” rulers before I even get sorted. Well done you. I’ll get myself sorted this week before some late holiday child minding & when we get back, it will be to try something small, once a month, I hope. I’ve never tried the Quick Curve ruler, which I think you purchased too. I think your hearth runner looks great & is a super idea for inexpensive decorating. Take care


    1. Oh Susan, you’re so right!!! I do have the Quick Curve ruler and I don’t remember ever using it. So I will add that technique to my To-Do List. It also means I get to use some more of my stash. Please let me know how you get on with the Quick Curve ruler. I may use mine with joined up strips. I look forward to this new challenge but first I need to machine quilt my runner using rulers. Thanks for popping in and reminding me about the QC ruler that we both have x


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