Hello my lovelies. Winter has definitely hit my little corner of the northeast of England. I personally haven’t struggled too much but only because I live so close to the coast. For some reason which eludes me, it always snows a little bit extra farther inland. Truth be known, I do enjoy watching the snow fall but I’m not so brave driving in it anymore.

In my quest to practice a new skill, I took inventory of the tools I already own, that I can use to do some machine quilting using rulers on my domestic sewing machine. It seems that I have accumulated quite a lot of rulers over the years. So, I guess I have no excuse not to have a go.

I selected a few fabrics from my stash to piece a narrow runner which I plan on laying on the hearth in my living room. Over Christmas I put a Christmas runner on the hearth and put candles on it. It looked so good I decided to make another runner which I can use all year round. My finished measurements need to be 53” x 10”. And I’m planning on keeping this project simple. It’s going to made up of simple strips that I will join together. I’m hoping the result will be a naïve homespun finish. I love anything wonky me.

What kind of sewing tools do we all count on? I stick to basic tools mainly. I do have a few specialty tools in my stash which I always forget about or can’t find when I need them!!! Sometimes its just easier to struggle that search for a tool that truth be known, you can do the job without. These are my go to tools, the ones that I use in the making of all my projects.

You will notice the piece of paper, it’s greaseproof paper which I use to protect my iron and ironing board when using fusible web. I’ve been caught out with gunk on the sole plate of my iron once too often. So, I make the effort to use greaseproof paper whenever I do raw edge appliqué.

It’s a sunny Friday. My washing machine is whirring away and I’ve planned to do a little cooking, some soup, meatloaf and perhaps some peanut cookies too. It’s quite cold again today, making it a great day for comfort food.
Well I guess that’s my story for today. I hope you’re all keeping busy on this third Friday of the new year.

Please pop in again soon.

Until next time,

Let’s all keep stitching

Lucie x


  1. Your stash of rulers made me smile, as I was talking (well through the internet) with another quilter about speciality rulers, just the other day. I’ve a few long-arm rulers that I don’t use now,as I’ve the computer & no plate these days on my Gammill to use them on, but we exchanged words about our buying of funky ones to cut with. She thinks she may do a challenge about using them. after a prompt by me. We’ll see. I’ve also got a few favourite bits’n’bobs that I use all the time, close by ,so they are on hand. Ooh, soup & meatloaf sound good, even in our heat. Meatloaf can always be sliced cold to go with salad too. Have a lovely weekend and take care.


    1. HI Susan, I sure would like to see what other people do with all their specialty rulers. I’ve been collecting mine with a goal to using mine on my longarm but I’m not brave enough to use them because I’m afraid the rulers will slip and knock the timing out of whack on my HandiQuilter. I have used them to cut and trace shapes quite a lot though but not for the intended purpose very often.
      Our meatloaf was rather nice but the soup hasn’t happened yet because I spent so much time my sewing room sewing. What a lovely treat that was.
      I hope you’re not sweltering hot today. I’ll send you some of our cold weather if you like.
      Have a fab weekend. Thanks for popping in x


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